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GameStop Expo 2015- Las Vegas, Nevada

Written and Edited by Lynn Gerena ( GeekyGothGamerDad )


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The reason why I am so tired and haven’t posted this week. I went to my second GameStop Expo this time in Las Vegas which was also a first for me. Boy what a time had.



cod_bo3_gamestop_expo_2015This is my second time going to the GameStop Expo and my first time in Las Vegas. Both were surreal experiences in comparison to my first Expo in Anaheim last year.

I went there with one game plan get as much swag as possible but that completely went out the window when Ed and I went to breakfast which is not a bad blow considering we had a better time and thanks to both Sean and Brenden made the Expo that much more entertaining and I got to meet some great people. Who have the same interests in gaming as I do and could possibly have a great collaboration once we get things situated.

imagejpeg_0 (8)

We started by hitting the Fallout 4 display to get some swag for our newly dubbed Vault Boy Brenden who wanted to have everything there. we took turns taking pictures with the Vault Boy then were able to “draw” for a prize by pressing the button. I lost twice but Ed won a Vault Boy mask which he traded out to Brenden for something.

Most of the time we spent going from display while some of us broke away to get a catch of something they had set times for. Sean tried Project Morpheus for the PlayStation 4. While Brenden and I tried our hands on some Mario Tennis which was a lot of fun. The game I wanted to try out the most ended up being my last game for the Expo as we were the last group to do so which was Star Wars Battlefront. I’m glad I waited this was the game I was still on the fence about and really wanted to see if I was going to buy it day one. The game was frantic and things were happening all over the place. It was hard to stay on the true objective. Which in this case would mean a bad thing right? Wrong. It was amazing! I was on the Imperial side and with so much to do you couldn’t help but be in awe of the scope of the game. It was frantic fun and I look forward to owning the game.

I also got to play some Halo 5 Guardians: Warzone and luckily our team decimated the opposing team. The game mode is great and a welcome addition to Halo. If you love Big Team Battle you will definitely love Warzone. The guys got their hands on Need for Speed and it was great to see that I am not the only person who wrecks or goes off road consistently in racing games.

I tried to wonder as to why the Disney Infinity setup didn’t have any of the King Mickey power discs for people who attended the Expo it would have been nice considering how much money I have invested in the game for my kiddos and they will be excluded from a power disc. But hey what can you do? Just going to have to wait and see.

All of us decided to get group shots in the Tomb Raider gear at the Expo and we decided that we would be hunted down by Vault Boy. The images they gave to us as a gif so you can check them below.

Gamestop Expo 2015 (3)Gamestop Expo 2015 (1)

I think they came out better than can be expected except for Ed being so nonchalant about the whole thing.

We got to try out some Battleborn and as Ed,Brenden and myself were waiting in line across from us we spotted Randy Pitchford head of Gearbox Games. I asked the gentleman who was running the booth if he could ask him over. We got to spend a few minutes of his time explaining how much we love Borderlands and how we look forward to Battleborn. He was nice enough to take a picture with me though he wasn’t suppose to. I thanked him for it and hope to see him later at the signing with the Game Informer editors at their booths.  Battleborn was great it is definitely team based and luckily the 4 of us played really well together and what was suppose to be a 20+ minute demo we flew through in about 12. Later at the signing Mr. Pitchford asked what I thought of the game and told him it was great and look forward to more. His reasons for the character designs are simple “he wanted to have a world where a Jedi type character could exist with a  Halo Spartan and Elves”. His words not mine. He complimented me on my tattoo and that was THE Defining moment of the Con. Not even Todd McFarlane was I this content in meeting. Though he was great as well.

Gamestop Expo 2015 (12)


Overall this year’s GameStop Expo was a great one for me as for meeting new people and getting my hands on the games I was not too sure of and make a final decision on. Other games such as Assassin’s Creed and WWE 2K16 I was not too worried about hands on as to those being definite purchases for me.

I want to thank Ed, Sean, and Brenden for a great conversation of games at breakfast that led to an all-day event at the Expo. Hoping to make things happen and look forward to see how things goes.

Of course throughout the day I took some video footage of the Expo floor and compiled it together into a makeshift video with pictures. Which you can see for yourself below. It was a first time trial of my new GoPro and I will get better..I promise.

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