Saturday, August 1, 2015

The Latest Arcade Block Unboxing! July 2015

Written and Edited by Lynn Gerena ( GeekyGothGamerDad )
So today the first day of August my Arcade Block from Nerd Block arrived. Shall we see what came in the box??

So today my wee Rose and I unboxed the latest Arcade Block which promised to have exclusive Sonic the Hedgehog and The Last of Us items. Let’s see how they did and I will score it after the video.

I have to say over the last few months Arcade Block had been on point with what they sent and I was genuinely happy with the items I received though this box...not so much. Here I will list the stuff from my favorite to the least and score each one from one to 4 and give the box and overall score. 

Evolve Funko Pop:   Which was my favorite item gets a 4

The Last of Us Caution Shirt:  I like that it's Last of Us but could have done better it gets a 2

Classic Console Cartridge coasters:  These are really cool and all and wish they were made of a longer lasting product then card stock. They get a 2 as well

Dj Organic and Mega Ran: Coin-Op Crush:  I have not listened to it but this I will give a try just to see what it is. As for it being in the box I like it and hope they do others like this though if you can put cd's why not put a game instead. 2 out of 4

The Bonus Shirt:  It is what it is they are just getting rid of their overstock and nothing exciting about it. Plus it means I have another one of these same shirts. 1 out of 4.

Cut the Rope nommies:   My Daughter liked this but I thought this was too small and though cute it is my least favorite a 1 

So there you go this month's Arcade Block had a score total of 12 out of a possible 24. Not my favorite box of the month but hoping they continue to innovate and add more gaming goodies that make this box to kill for. Oh and I wish they would have left the Retro Magazine as a regular item that was in last month's box.  Here is to hoping they get back on track next month. 

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