Thursday, August 27, 2015

Marvel Collector’s Corps: Secret Wars Unboxing

Written and Edited by Lynn Gerena ( GeekyGothGamerDad )
I come with my unboxing of Marvel’s and Funko’s Latest Box SECRET WARS!

As you know the Marvel’s Collector’s Corps is a subscription based box created by Marvel in collaboration with Funko Pop to bring us a themed box on our favorite heroes and stories. This month’s box is based on SECRET WARS the current world changing event happening in Marvel Comics.

I am loving Marvel's Collector's Corps. I have yet to have an issue with the first three boxes. I am glad they take their times with the boxes and can wait the extra month in comparison to other subscription services. Here I will list the stuff from my favorite to the least and score each one from one to 4 and give the box and overall score.

Marvel Secret Wars #1 Funko Variant Comic: This exclusive comic is awesome and the cover is perfect for this box. Plus you get to see the start of this big event. a 4 out of 4.

Funko Pop Spiderman Figure: The first of two Funko Pop figures and he does not disappoints. We get the Miles Morales Spiderman which is means that he has come into the normal Marvel Universe for the Secret Wars. the figure is as always top quality from Funko. a 4 out of 4.

Funko Pop Thor Figure: The second of the Funko Pop figures is the first female THOR. I am sure this is the first time that she is available and she is amazing. 4 out of 4.

Funko Secret Wars POP Tee: The T-shirt this time is based on Secret Wars and is one of the new Funko Pop Tees. Besides Thor and Spiderman they are joined by Captain America and Iron Man on the T-shirt. The Shirt is beautiful and definitely deserves a 4 out of 4.

Marvel Collector's Corp Patch: The Patch is a nice rendition of Captain America( Falcon ) and is the largest of patches so far. This patch is a better quality compared to the first two and the size is really nice. 4 out of 4.

Marvel Collector's Corps Pin: This month's pin has Iron Man represented in it and he is decked in an all white armor head. As in the shirt he is all white. The pins are standard pins and are really well done. 4 out of 4.

A perfect score for this month's Marvel's Collectors Corps Secret Wars. I don't expect this to happen but this is such a great box. Keep in mind that if you missed out on this one you are out of luck because they have already started taking reservations for the October box.

I highly recommend you jump on if you are interested. 

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