Friday, August 28, 2015

Lego signs multi-million-pound deal with BBC to create Doctor Who sets.

Written and Edited by Lynn Gerena ( GeekyGothGamerDad )


First it was LEGO Dimensions that shocked me that The Doctor would be involved but now Doctor Who comes to LEGO kits by Christmas.


LEGO has signed a deal with the BBC to create a Dr. Who set with mini-figures, the Tardis and representations of Daleks and many of the enemies he has faced.

The Deal is a multi-million dollar deal and is set to be the biggest commercial success since the Teletubbies.

The BBC already has a vast array of toy deals around Dr. Who, offering everything from voice changing Cyberman helmets to various incarnations of the all-powerful Sonic Screwdriver.

However, the partnership with Lego could generate huge sales around the globe, given the BBC series has attracted a large overseas audience since it rebooted  the series in 2005.

The concept for a Doctor Who set came from the Lego Ideas website where fans can submit suggestions, which are then put to the vote.

The winning design created by Whovian, Andrew Clark, featured a mock-up of various doctors, including 10th Doctor and Fourth Doctor alongside Rose Tyler, K9 the robot dog, and versions of the Daleks, Cybermen and Weeping Angels.

The Final lineup of kits have not been confirmed but the winning designs will serve as an inspiration for sets that will include mini-figures of current doctor and companion.

I cannot wait to see these kits and LEGO will have a buyer in this family as we are all even our youngest Whovians. I just hope the kits don’t get too expensive as some of the Star Wars ones but we will see and I will look forward to picking these up.

Here are a couple of the pictures of possible kits.









And one more for you.


The Tardis console with the Dalek and tenth Doctor.

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