Monday, September 8, 2014

Video Games: The Movie Quick Review

written by Eddie Gillette ( Eddy_Thorson )


Eddy_Thorson brings us a review on a great documentary of video games.



product-2379-1403715540-1280x7202Lets start with the history of “Video Games: The Movie”. It started as a crowd funded project. First appearing on the project failed to achieve it’s goal by august 10, 2012. Following that  was a Kickstarter campaign where the project was funded on June 10, 2013. The results of that funding was finally realized on July 15, 2014.

The documentary is written, produced and directed by Jeremy Snead. Narrated by Sean Astin the actor known for Goonies, Lords of the Rings trilogy, and currently on FX’s The Strain.

The Plot:

    A documentary that aims to educate and entertain about how games are made, marketed and consumed. The documentary looks back at gaming history and culture through the eyes of developers, publishers and consumers.

My thoughts:

    The Documentary was good and was filled with some great information while I already knew much of the history stated in the documentary.  I was still able to get new information and learn a bit more about video game history.

    As a gamer who grew up in the age of the Atari 2600, Nintendo, Sega , PlayStation and so on. This is a great documentary for a younger generation of gamers who were not lucky to grow up during the early days of video games.

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