Thursday, May 8, 2014

WWE 2K14 Character Creation Vid.

Written and Edited Lynn Gerena


Posting a little video of my creation of my old tag team partner from my wrestling days for the IWF. Steve was a guy who was a great friend and a hell of a charismatic individual. To this day that kid is on my mind. Rest in Peace



Below is the video of my character creation. I hope you enjoy it.

I have personally created Steve in all my games as a remembrance of him. I do miss my IWF days but mostly because of the good times that were had there. The school itself is reopening in a new location and I wish nothing but the best for those that will start their dreams with them. I know I appreciated every moment there. Some memories are worth holding on to.

If anyone is interested in the school and is in the NJ area please do so. I will post a link at IWF. Let Kevin Knight know you want to train like the best.

Anyway hope you guys enjoyed my character creation of my old partner.

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