Thursday, April 3, 2014

The Countdown begins to WrestleMania 30.

Written and Edited by Lynn Gerena


The final countdown to one of the premier entertainment spectacles ever kicks in to overdrive.



wwe-logo-wrestlemania-30-xxx-1_090280015B00416862This time last year I had made my way back to New Jersey for what was at that moment the biggest surprise of my life as my sister had scored a Ringside Seat for WrestleMania 29. I was able to go to most of the days that WrestleMania Axxess and also went to the Hall of Fame Ceremony.

This year history for me will be made because this year though I will not be in New Orleans as I originally intended to be, I will be watching it for the first time ever on the brand new WWE Network.

This has to be the year that many fans who watch this way and have never been can actually feel as a part of the celebration in New Orleans. The reason why they are able to bring cameras to areas that before were not shown or heavily edited for commercial networks.

This weekend starting tonight they are doing a “WrestleMania Today” show that will air every evening from 6-8pm eastern and is live from the WrestleMania Axxess. They are also doing breakdowns on matches and opinions on what they believe will happen. This is cool on account of not many people get to experience Axxess which is an incredible experience and let you just be on a one on one with a few of the superstars as well as all the matches and small events you get to experience during the Fan Axxess.

Along with that the WWE Network will be doing a red carpet treatment for the WWE Hall of Fame Ceremony then lead in to the full uncut ceremony airing for the first time in it’s entirety. The only time fans usually get this privilege is when the DVD/Blu-Ray releases.

I am really looking forward to the Network and hope that there is no hiccups during the live feeds for the actual event on Sunday.

I encourage anyone who has any inclination of being a fan of wrestling the network is definitely worth it. On top of getting the Pay-per-views you can show the younger generation of fans everything that came before with different organizations on top of older WWE shows from back in the day.

I look forward to experiencing WrestleMania in a brand new way and making history at the same time. Will you be there?

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