Monday, September 9, 2013

Xbox One has a release date..but will it help gain momentum at launch?

Written and Edited by Lynn Gerena

Xbox One Console

So last week Microsoft announced their release date for their next-gen console.




box_large_xboxoneboxThe Xbox One will be hitting the market on November 22, 2013. A week later to their Sony counterpart PlayStation 4.

The real question for everyone is why release on that date? As it seemed throughout Sony left the door wide open for Microsoft to jump the gun ahead of them and many people myself included thought they would jump out the box earlier then Sony. Microsoft put out the reasoning behind the launch window was that it was the launch for the Xbox 360. Are they trying to use nostalgia to garner sales for their new system?

The only people that would recall the launch of the Xbox 360 is in fact hard core gamers and even then not after completely having researched it. The casual buyer who mind you will be preparing for all the Black-Friday sales that will take place the following Friday will not recall when the Xbox 360 released.

This can be a double-edged sword for Microsoft depending on how they proceed with the launch. I honestly don’t see Sony having a “major lead” in a week’s time. Honestly I don’t expect anything big from either in their first couple of weeks. The key here is which company will have consoles on the shelves for those that are your interested gamers or the mom and dad who wants to give their kid the ultimate holiday gift.

This is where I can see it work in Microsoft’s favor with the later date they not only have extra time to put consoles in to store shelves but also have a great library of games at the launch and not have to worry about people not having options on what to buy. This secures a decent amount of product for their launch release and keeps the stores stocked in case of the holiday sales and mad dashes.

I can guarantee that both systems will have a hard time meeting up with demands and both will be getting ripped from people’s hands come Black Friday. I only hope it will not be ugly.

The flip-side of the late launch that could hurt Microsoft is the fact that Sony’s system being of lower cost can pretty much have a good standing as the Xbox One goes to launch.  The reviews will be in and people will be talking about the machine for the entire week that it is the sole “next-Gen” console on the market. This gives the PlayStation 4 a huge pillow. Let’s see reviews, and articles and local news media will be talking about the PS4 the entire length of it’s release let alone the massive advertising push I expect Sony to do the weeks leading to and after the launch.

Even with the exposure and the week all to itself I don’t believe that Sony will have enough product that will be available to the masses at least not launch definitely. So if Microsoft launches with enough product to not only keep store shelves filled during the start of holiday shopping while meeting their initial demands then this is what will be key for Microsoft to make the jump on Sony.

Either way look for a heated holiday shopping season between both parties. I know I will enjoy seeing the results.

What are your thoughts on the Xbox One release dates? Have any other opinions on whether this will help or hurt Microsoft? Let us know in comments below.

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