Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Sony sticks to Schoolyard tactics

Written and Edited by Lynn Gerena ( Ashe Darkthorne )

PlayStation 4

Ever heard someone be so egotistical that it’s almost laughable? Yeah that is where I am with Sony right now.



console-sony-playstation-4According to Sony Computer Entertainment Europe CEO Jim Ryan. The Microsoft’s free FIFA offer as “kind of odd”. Having spoke with Metro at Gamescom, Ryan went on to say that Sony has no notion of doing the same and that they are more worried about meeting demand.

Jim Ryan asked “why should we do that? Our problem is going to be matching supply and demand.It's perfectly rational when a platform holder, or indeed a publisher, runs a preorder campaign to engage in promotional behavior to dial it up if you feel it's not where you need it to be. That’s a rational thing for any businessman to do. We're perfectly happy with where our preorder are”  A little later he went on to add the following "Why would we go out and add something? Giving away stuff on day one of a new platform launch, in my mind it’s kind of odd,"

There is the problem I have with this gentleman where in one hand he thinks it is perfectly rationale for a company to run a campaign but then finds it odd that Microsoft is giving away a game to the European Market that would sell systems there.

Here is the question I have does he not remember Nintendo, Sega, and every other console predating the Nintendo 64 coming packaged with a game to rival what their competitor had on the market?

Sega packing in Sonic or Joe Montana football and Nintendo packing in of course a Mario game with their systems. This was the norm in the console days of carts and what have you and no one thought it odd.

The problem is Sony is and has never been a company to “give away” an incentive of that type in any of their systems life cycles. Now mind you making a bundle for a game that has you repurchase a system just on account of a different color does not count. Their launch titles were always empty handed. Granted so were Microsoft’s at launch. Though shortly after the launch they packaged Project Gotham Racing and Jet Set Radio Future in their consoles.

I wish Console makers would go back to the days when a game usually a franchise game or a popular game was packed in with their systems at launch. Especially if it helps in a market they are not widely familiar( popular ) in. At the same time it would give reason for buying a console no matter the price.

I know not everyone is able to buy a game with their systems at first and if Microsoft was thinking outside the box then I think the European deal will help a lot. I mean who in Europe doesn’t love football (soccer )? It is a perfect match for the console. But for some reason it seems a little odd for Sony’s CEO.

Sony is overall acting like the rich kid at a public school who tries to disheartened the one kid for trying to show he can’t do anything right with what he has. “I will always come on top no matter what you do kid because let’s face it I have all the breaks.” Really? This is how you want to be remembered at the precipice of your system’s launch? No thank you Mr. Sony you can keep your potshots to yourself let your machine do the talking.

After months of “following the leader” and not announcing any of your ideas till it was ok for you to see what the others did and give yourself time to change things up in time. We will see how your system will do in the long run.  Yes we all know you had DRM patents that were the same if not stronger then what Microsoft has and you kept those hush hush after Microsoft’s reveal.

I don’t expect your launch to be nothing but a great start and I would say it’s deserving but truth be told I don’t believe it to be on account of you as I said “following the leader”. If you would have gone first at E3 or had one instant where you didn’t know Microsoft’s plan we may be looking at another Sony disaster such as the PlayStation 3.

Just remember your CEO at the time was telling customers how was it that it was put? Oh yes, I remember “ If you can’t afford a PS3 on the job you have then you should look for another job.” I have not forgotten that Sony and look at you today as still that same company. You just have a sugar coating on right now for the gamers to enjoy now.

I don’t have any intentions on getting a PlayStation 4 at launch but will be waiting till I see something that makes me say I need to buy a PS4 to play that game. I did the same with the PlayStation 3 and even that was a Christmas gift from my wife.

If Sony would handle themselves without the potshots or the need to put themselves on a pedestal this opinion piece probably wouldn’t be necessary but this is not how they are handling themselves and I as a opinionated person feel the need to say my distaste for it.

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