Thursday, August 22, 2013

Killer Instinct and the rebirth of my love of fighters.

Written and Edited by Lynn Gerena ( Ashe Darkthorne )


Killer Instinct is set to come back in a big way. and because of that my excitement grows.



killer-instinct-3I was just about to turn 21 when Rare with Midway and Nintendo released Killer Instinct to the arcades. At the time I was managing a comic shop near a local arcade and would go there after closing or prior to opening. My shop was a “mid-shift” which means my mornings where always mine.

I remember how much I fell in love with the game and how fast I thought it was. The first character I learned to play with was Fulgore and then Orchid. Those two characters I can say I pretty much perfected.  What was also the thing that had me was it was built on what would be N64 ( Ultra 64) hardware engine. Which at the time had me stoked to see what Nintendo had planned for it’s next system.

When they release the home version of Killer Instinct for the Super NES I had it day one and played till my fingers cramped learning all the other characters. I loved the game. It was at the point that I never took the game out of my SNES. I also got better using other characters when I played at the arcade.

ki2_orchid12Then came Killer Instinct 2/ Gold in arcades and on the Nintendo 64 console. I was pumped to finally have an arcade port to a console. The new character kept me on my toes in figuring out their moves and I was always just blown away by the music and the announcer shouting the combo names.

After the arcades died to the extent that no one was going, I was ok with playing both Killer Instinct and Killer Instinct Gold on my consoles. It was one of the few fighters I felt great at. I remember when my girlfriend and my mom pitched in to by me the first Xbox and how I looked forward to a possibility of Killer Instinct 3 on that console after knowing Rare was now a part of Microsoft. Alas the game never came.

We jump to the Xbox 360 and see fighters coming back like Street Fighter 4 and a revamped Mortal Kombat, yet no Killer Instinct…by this point I had almost lost hope that I would never feel as great or excited about a fighting game again.

Orchid-Killer-InstinctNow with the launch of the Xbox One I have my wish come true in a sense. Considering that the game is being developed by Double Helix Games and not Rare I have my reservations. The game looks great and the couple of character revamps are interesting. Although I do not see all my favorites actually none yet.

I hope to see Spinal, Orchid, Fulgore and Raptor finish off the character list as they were part of the original game with T.J Combo. What worries me is no story mode so I can be sure that Eyedol won’t be the end boss?  So much of Killer Instinct’s background for the characters will be loss if we don’t get who and what they are. Especially if you are new to the franchise. I am very excited none the less to see where the franchise goes and will be planning on picking up the Ultra Edition of the game as it includes an original copy of the first game.

I will look forward to getting my fighting fingers back in shape with Killer Instinct and hopefully spark the love I had for this game back when I was just a “young man”.

Looks like until it releases I will break out my N64 while listening to my “Killer Kuts” soundtrack of the first game.

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