Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Rockstar released Grand Theft Auto V gameplay trailer it’s awesome.

Written and Edited by Lynn Gerena ( Ashe Darkthorne )

Grand-Theft-Auto-V-Michael (1)

Looks like we will be too damn busy with Rockstar’s next great game to worry about next gen.



Grand-Theft-Auto-V-005Rockstar North released the long awaited gameplay trailer for Grand Theft Auto V.

In the trailer done as a “guide” to what you will be able to do shows off all the possible locations you will be going and also a little more on the three characters you will be playing with.

First off the game looks amazing. Also with the swapping back and forth between characters just to see what they are doing is a very interesting addition to knowing more of their story without breaking away from the game.

Get ready to go sky diving, scuba diving, hitting shooting ranges and so many more activities that I think this game will take a Skyrim length of time to complete.

I have added the trailer that lasts almost five minutes for you to watch and gather your own thoughts and if you feel like sharing them let me know below.

Grand Theft Auto V is set to release on September 17th 2013 for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Gameplay Trailer

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