Monday, July 1, 2013

Don Mattrick leaving Microsoft

Written and Edited by Lynn Gerena ( Ashe Darkthorne )


Well this is a surprise and I am sure Sony fanboys will take credit for this one.



mattrick_zynga_bigDon Mattrick is leaving his position as president of Microsoft's Interactive Entertainment Business division, according to reports by anonymous sources speaking to All Things D's Kara Swisher.

Microsoft has not yet confirmed Mattrick's departure. In the article it is said that he'll be heading for a top job at Zynga, with an announcement coming as soon as today.

Mattrick served at EA as president of Worldwide Studios before joining the Xbox company in 2007. Mattrick's move to Zynga could be what that company needs, and one that may be a blessing in disguise for Microsoft.

Mattrick's departure comes at a critical time for Microsoft as the launch of the Xbox One draws closer to its November release. Mattrick has been predominant in the reveal of the Xbox One, appearing at both the May event and E3 conference.

At the time, it appears that Microsoft has no person in mind to replace Mattrick as head of the Xbox division.

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