Tuesday, June 11, 2013

PlayStation Eye, DualShock controller both priced $59 for PS4

Written and Edited by Lynn Gerena ( Ashe Darkthorne )


Boxshot: DualShock 4 Wireless Controller by Sony Computer EntertainmentPlayStation Camera

Want any of these for your PlayStation 4? Well get ready because here they come.



I mentioned earlier how the PlayStation 4 will not be coming with the PlayStation Eye as it will be sold separately from the machine.

Both the PlayStation Eye and the DualShock 4 will be priced at $59.99 at launch. So if you want these items you will be paying an extra $118+ for them combined. Making the PlayStation 4 a whopping $518.96 not including tax or your games of choice for that matter.

The additional controller is priced slightly higher than the Eye camera outside of the US. The DualShock 4 costs ?59 and £54 in Europe and the UK, while the Eye will go for ?49/£44. Sony's press release notes both will be available in that ever so "jet black" color.

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