Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Xbox A New Generation Reveal Thoughts and Rundown.

Written and Edited by Lynn Gerena ( Ashe Darkthorne )

Giving you all the information as I can on the big reveal and my thoughts throughout the event.


Ok so today was the big Xbox Reveal day and I must say that though I am missing something I none the less was impressed with what Microsoft had to share. Here is what was shown with my thoughts.

The event started out with a video package of people stating that you are the center of your entertainment and it’s time to make things more “alive”. After that was what everyone was there for the actual console reveal.

The Big Reveal video of the Xbox One
The Xbox One is finally shown first in a little video package. You can see it right here.

This is a great video package and you see all three components that are meant to be with the system. You see the new generation of both the Kinect 2.0 and the new controller. Which is the main focus of the video and it got the reaction it needed from the media personalities that were fortunate to be there for it. Now for some specs on the system itself.

943264_10151492547034285_696651611_nXbox One Specs

* 8 Core CPU

* 8 GB System Memory

* 500 GB HDD

* Blu-ray Drive

* 802.11n Wireless with Wi-Fi Direct

* HDMI In/Out

* USB 3.0

The system was put in it’s paces from Yusef Mehdi when he started to show Instant Switching  between playing a game then watching television and playing music. He started the system by saying “Xbox on.” Which tells you that the machine will always know who is in front of it and who is telling it directions. The Xbox One automatically signed into his dashboard theme and remembers the last thing he was doing on the machine. There is a Trending tab that lets you see what games and movies your friends are watching and playing. Snap mode lets you use multiple apps and is showing by watching a movie on Netflix while using Bing to find info on it’s sequel.

With all that he announced Skype for Xbox One with group video call.

There are 3 working operating systems in the Xbox One named Xbox One Architecture which is based on best of the Xbox OS , Windows Kernel and the connective programming that pulls it all together.  As Marc Whitten explains it’s “Rocket Science Level Stuff.”


The Kinect Sensor

943764_10151492546984285_777179056_nThe Kinect Sensor will be paired with “every” Xbox One.

The voice recognition will have family support and be more conversational as well as the camera being more sophisticated and responsive. The Kinect Sensor itself has a 1080p wider-view capture of the world, it recognizes most of the body and more joints and slight wrist rotations. The thing is suppose to keep tabs on your heartbeat as you do workouts with Kinect.

The Xbox One Controller

Now for the Xbox One Controller. It seems as if Microsoft is going with a standard plus-style d-pad. The analog sticks now have ridged edges. The face buttons are still colored, but only on the letters themselves. The triggers now include something called "dynamic impulse," which is a locally focused trigger rumble. As I saw from Spike TV and Gametrailers TV they have done away with the overall rumble feature and gave it a more centralized aspect to the triggers. According to them the controller boasts a total of 40 design innovations. The buttons have gotten a nice look as well, with the ABXY etched on the buttons taking on a more prominent role than their colored backdrops. The Xbox guide button is there, but it’s now flush with the controller’s face and it glows white. the major cosmetic tweaks is a completely smooth finish on the back of the controller with no screw holes and the battery pack that took up space on the current Xbox controller.

From that it went to Smartglass and how your tablet will talk with the Xbox One and it is quoted as being “natively part of the platform.”

The Kinect will be the anchor for all these devices to interact and will recognize you and your controller when you pick it up and track it in a “lag-free” experience according to Marc Whitten.


Xbox Live

The New Xbox Live is built on the same membership you have today. and will be powered by over 300,000 servers. Everything from content to game saves, will be accessible through the cloud. There is even a Game DVR to capture footage and upload it straight to the cloud. I am wondering if this will be in conjunction with Skydrive which Microsoft uses with their Windows Phone and Desktop computers and is actually on the Xbox 360.

There is also a Asynchronous capability which lets you to search for matches as you play a different game or watching a movie.


Xbox One Not Backward Compatible

Yes this was not mentioned during the reveal but was later explored by other outlets who were at the event. According to Todd Holmdahl who is Microsoft’s corporate V.P of hardware he stated that “We started with a completely new architecture for this generation, and the architecture that we have with the 360, that would have been limiting to go forward with.” They still plan on supporting the Xbox 360 for years to come and that people will get a sense of continued investment at E3. Hmm so we can put that rumor of an add-on for the machine to bed. but at least you can still earn achievements through both consoles.

That was most of the key elements of the reveal I will be posting the rest of the non-hardware aspects including EA and Activision’s reveal included what has already been mention as key games for the Xbox One.

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