Tuesday, May 14, 2013

So our VP is thinking of a Special Tax on Violent Video Games..WHAT??!!

Written and Edited by Lynn Gerena ( Ashe Darkthorne )

Seems like our Vice President Joe Biden has crazy people in his ears.



Since the mass shooting in Newton Connecticut our VP of the United States has been busy on the front lines when it pertain to gun violence. In January on behalf of the president, VP Joe Biden led a task force to examine possible ways to stop gun violence in the US, which led to calling for scientific research into the effect that violent media has on young minds.

In May, Biden met with 20 representatives from faith (religion) based groups to discuss gun control and immigration, and briefly addressed video games. This is where it gets a bit on the WTF moment. It seems that Franklin Graham who is a son to a tele-evangelist Billy Graham brought up the idea that "media and entertainment that portray violence should be subject to a special tax, with the proceeds going to help victims and their families," That’s not all Biden’s response to that was "no restriction on the ability to do that; there's no legal reason why they couldn't" place a tax on said violent media.

Can you imagine every game, movie, sporting event or even music getting a “Special tax” on top of what is already asked for when you buy said product? This would come under some heavy scrutiny not only from the creators of games but movie makers and everyone across the board that has any hopes of making something they deem appropriate entertainment.

Granted Vice President Joe Biden emphasized that more research needed to be done but none the less it is a thought that he has catered to. That is the worry.

I don’t have a problem with having a way to stop the gun violence in our country but looking for idiotic means for a grouping that to this day shows no proof are causes for people’s actions. One can only hope that a solution comes across that will beneficial to everyone and at the same time not condemn a specific group.

I would also like to see how many people on that group of 20 were of different religious belief? In other words how many Pagans or Muslims were on that board. Or was it predominantly Christian?

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