Wednesday, May 8, 2013

A Couple of Free Games one for your Xbox360 the other for Windows Phone 8.

Written and Edited by Lynn Gerena (Ashe Darkthorne)

Monster Burner

As you can see there are a couple new games for Xbox live players for both their phones and consoles.



The first game for Xbox gamers is Doritos Crash Course 2. The game is the sequel to the XBLA smash hit Doritos Crash Course. Run, jump, slide and wall jump your Avatar through 4 new worlds of irreverent obstacles, traps and pitfalls. In this 2.5 platformer, compete for medals and find stars to progress. Use your stars to unlock new courses, power-ups and vanity items. Compare your best time against up to 3 asynchronous game clips of your friends and the best part is the game is TOTALLY FREE in most regions in the Xbox Live Arcade.

I loved the first game and is one I continually play with my nephew. I am sure he will also enjoy trying to beat my race time. The game is so much like Wipeout as far as crazy courses you can’t help but enjoy it.


3 of 7The second little game is for your Windows 8 phone and is called Monster Burner. I have already downloaded it and played a little of it to familiarize myself with it. The game is a combo of castle defense and even some missile command as in you are launching fireballs at hordes of monsters. The game has four game play modes and seems to be a quick on the grab game.

The four modes are as follows.

GOLD-THIRSTY MONSTERS – The gold reserves of your county’s castles are under threat from invading monsters. Fortunately, a wise old man has taught you some handy fire spells to blast them away. Be careful not to hit stray princesses, who may run onto the battlefield in a fit of hysteria.  And listen closely to the genie, who will offer up valuable advice. 

INTUITIVE GAMEPLAY – The gameplay has been designed to be as simple and intuitive as possible – which means you’re ready to start burning monsters right now! Within no time at all, you’ll find it feels normal to have the power of fire directly in your fingertips.

BUY FEROCIOUS SPELLS - By picking up coins, you can buy new spells. Conjure up a whole wall of fire or create ultra-ferocious fireballs, capable of destroying monsters en masse! Increase your powers to meet the game’s new challenges.

CHILDREN’S MODE - Monster Burner is not just for adults! We’ve included a special mode for kids, offering up simpler challenges – but with the same intuitive gameplay and high-paced action.

So give these couple games a shot you may find new favorites. Also let me know what you think of them.

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