Tuesday, April 9, 2013

WrestleMania 29 and Fan Axxess. I Am Back BABY!!


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Yes after a week being in New Jersey for WrestleMania and the Fan Axxess. I am glad to be home.



Seems like last week till my arrival was a blur. Once I left here on Wednesday morning and touched down in Jersey it was basically non-stop till I left.

I purposely did not do anything on Thursday because I wanted it to be with family. I had brunch with my mother and sister and later that afternoon I went to my first Yankee game EVER. It was ok and the seats were great behind home plate. After the game I was given a peek a boo shot of MetLife at night.

Friday was the start for me and WrestleMania. I left to visit the WrestleMania Superstore and get my “ purchases” in as well as see what the store looked like then head over to my first day at the Fan Axxess.

Wrestlemania 29  SuperStore

As you can see they did a great job with the setup. I only picked up a couple things because I made sure I only got what I wanted. I ended up going back to the Superstore multiple times for different reasons. The only thing I can say I missed out on was the two pack of the Prime Time Players figures. I wanted to get my friend Darren Young and his partner Titus O’Neil to sign them. I waited to long and they sold out.

Wrestlemania 29 (87)After picking up my friend Ed we went to the Izod Center for Axxess. Now the Fan Axxess has changed a lot since I went to the Fan Festival at WrestleMania X.  It is more of a run around trying to scarf up autographs and then complain when you are not able to get the big names because they only come out for the VIP ticket holders. I missed out on the Undertaker signing as well as Triple H because they only came out for the VIP’s.

Wrestlemania 29 (94)Another thing that is different is the performers that are available for signings would constantly get pulled away for ADA (which are people with disabilities) also every wannabe “Website” had a media person cutting in to the time because they wanted to interview said performers. People were complaining on missing their wanted superstars for that issue. I can understand when you pay so much money for entrance and still does not mean you will get a chance to see who you want. I unfortunately don’t see the WWE changing their m.o anytime soon.

Day 2 of Axxess was a bit worse with people trying to get things on account that they put limitations right off the bat as you went into the line. Also I did not bother to go down into the floor the second day on account I wanted to focus on the autograph sessions. If not for the constant interruptions of media and the superstars having to leave on account of ADA people things would have been more smoother. At least I was able to get my friend to sign my program.

Wrestlemania 29 (140)Later that night was the WWE Hall of Fame. So we did a mad dash into NYC and got us some fast food to tie us over through the 3 hour event. The Hall of Fame induction ceremony is just for the fans to see the performers speeches and give their thanks. It was a great event for me considering it was my first time at a Hall of Fame and the fact that Bruno Sammartino and Bob Backlund were inducted.

These two men were involved in countless stories that my father told me when I first started watching wrestling. I only got to see a couple matches with Bruno but he was mostly an announcer till he retired. I thought my dad was at Madison Square Garden watching the Hall of Fame with me.

Wrestlemania 29 (141)Then the day that I have come for. WrestleMania was finally here and I was hoping to spend one last time at the WWE Superstore but got there after it closed. The event was not set to start till 6 but we got there shortly after 4 and were let in. I could not believe the size of MetLife stadium. The place is awe inspiring. This is the first time I had seen it. When I left New Jersey Giants Stadium was still around and they had just started the process for the stadium.

The setup that the WWE put up was beautiful but I can see how a lot of people were going to be annoyed with their seating. I fortunately had no one in front of me and was on the floor. The matches were great some more so then others and I was able to enjoy the company of the people next to me who included me in there conversation. One thing I did appreciate and always do is wrestling fans involve one another. I am glad that has not changed. My one major complaint about the event was the gentlemen who worked a steady cam who came by every match to get shots in. I understand that is their jobs but damn they blocked some key photo ops on account of it. EVERY TIME!! Other then that the event was great.

Wrestlemania 29 (414)The last match between The Rock and John Cena for the WWE Championship could have been so much better but was still ok for what it was worth. The only thing I felt was too constant was the headlocks and the finishers which were teased throughout but yet got hit multiple times by each performer. Everyone there definitely put everything they had into their respective matches. One match did not make the card which befuddled me but no matter as it was on last night’s RAW.

I plan on watching the event again to see how it turned out to the TV audience. The crowd was electric for most of the event except one match and that was the Ryback an Mark Henry match. I am glad to be home and will get the ball rolling on my daily posts. I had hardly a chance to blog from the events as I wanted and the wi-fi was horrible at the stadium.  If you watched WrestleMania let me know what you thought. I am curious as to what everyone’s opinion was on it.

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  1. Nice report son. You should be a writer. To bad we only had a chance for a couple of hours together.