Wednesday, April 24, 2013

SURPRISE!! Call of Duty: Ghosts listed at multiple retailers for PS3, Xbox 360

Edited and written by Lynn Gerena ( Ashe Darkthorne )

Both Target and Tesco retail outlets have given away the release date and cover art for the next Call of Duty that will drop later this year.



To no one’s surprise Call of Duty: Ghosts has been put out there by  Target and UK Retailer Tesco. Target has put the release date as November 5th 2013 in a advertising ad for preordering the game. Where Tesco released the box art which features Infinity Ward’s logo prominently on the cover.

As I said this should come as no surprise to anyone in the gaming world because Call of Duty is the yearly equivalent to Madden. Of course Activision has refused to comment on the reveals.

What do you think does this excite you or are you part of the group that is no longer concerning themselves with Activision’s first person shooter.

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