Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Open-World XBLA Zombie Survival Game, State of Decay, Gets a Trailer.

Edited by Lynn Gerena ( Ashe Darkthorne )

This title has been quiet since it’s announcement in February of 2011.



Undead Labs and Microsoft Games Studios are set to bring you an “online open zombie survival franchise” to XBLA.

So why the quiet for so long?  Can we say doesn’t matter the game looks great and could be what our zombie slaying selves have been craving for from the Walking Dead.

Today we get a new trailer with the new name intact. Class3 is gone and enter State of Decay.

"The end is here,” so says the blurb. “Life as you know it has gone to hell after the mother of all zombie outbreaks. Now you and the few scattered survivors must band together to survive and rebuild in a 3rd-person action game set in a dynamic open world.

"You choose where to make your stand, designing and fortifying your home base, performing daring raids for food and ammunition, and rescuing other playable survivors with unique talents. The open, sandbox world develops in real-time, shaped by your actions, dynamically generating content based on your choices and the ever-increasing zombie threat."

State of Decay is set to release this June on Xbox Live. Here is the trailer for you all to get prepared for the coming apocalypse.


State of Decay Trailer

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