Friday, April 26, 2013

Halo Comics have a New Home with Dark Horse Comics

Edited and written by Lynn Gerena ( Ashe Darkthorne )

Coming straight from C2E2 where my local comic shop is getting stuff signed this weekend comes news on Halo getting a new mini-series with Dark Horse Comics.



Halo: Initiation launches August 1st with a story about former ODST Sarah Palmer and her rise in the UNSC to Spartan IV Commander.  As everyone is aware the new Spartans are not children raised and augmented to be super soldiers but groomed members of the UNSC military branches, still augmented by Dr. Halsey’s program.

Initiation marks the first time 343 Industries works with Dark Horse Comics as having a long time partnership with Marvel Comics, who released a few mini-series and original graphic novels on the Halo Franchise with the likes of Brian Michael Bendis, Fred Van Lente and Brian Reed.

The writer for Initiation is Brian Reed is very familiar with the Halo Universe considering he worked as a writer on Halo 4 and penned the Fall of Reach adaptation for Marvel.  He will be joined by artist Marco Castiello as the penciler of the series.

Here is what Editor Dave Marshall states in Dark Horse’s press release.  "A rich science fiction universe driven by compelling characters, Halo has all the makings for show-stopping comics, In Initiation, Brian and Marco are delivering an action-packed thrill-ride with a beating heart of authentic human drama."

Brian Reed commented that “It’s really exciting to work with Dark Horse in continuing the Halo story in comics. After Halo 4 and Spartan Ops, fans wanted to know more about the origins of the Spartan-IV program and Sarah Palmer in particular. So it’s great fun to be able to grant those wishes with a partner like Dark Horse.”

Halo: Initiation will release on August 14, 2013.


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