Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Do not Let Fear In! Focus On The Good that Outshines the Dark


As some may know there was a tragedy yesterday at the Boston Marathon.


Boston_Marathon_Explo_Somi_3_t670This is not about what happen nor will this be some political rant on why it happened. I just want to write about what I see and continue to see and wish to say thank you to all those white knights and everyone who takes their time to offer their hearts and homes to everyone affected in the Boston area.

Outside of “traditional news coverage” I see multiple stories and tweets of the great outpouring of help, rescues and love shown to everyone who dealt with yesterday’s event. I want to thank all the people who have been spreading the positive news about just the people and making that the focus of it all.

The point of all this is not to show fear but know that as a society we can overcome anything thrown at us. People will be saying what is this world coming to but I see all the good that is spreading and not letting this world we know crumble. People are not afraid and show that no matter we need to be there for each other in every aspect of our lives.

You can bring what pains and hurt you may have but at the end we stand together United as a people and our reserve never faltering. For this I am proud. Proud to say that I live in a place that no matter what is thrown our way we don’t stand idle and let it build and make us flounder in a sea of fear.

To the people at the heart of the marathon just know my heart and prayers go out to all of you and your families and wish that it never took place. The outpouring you receive is unbridled and with good intent. We love our Bostonian brothers and sisters and no one will stop us from showing that.

This means a lot to me to see the positive as  former Army Reservist out of Jersey City, I witness first hand what fear can do on the warm September morning and days after as I was told to go back to my home and get my gear together. I have seen people in the streets hug complete strangers and light candles for those just across the water. I am relieved that yesterday was not as “bad” as it could have been but at the end know there will always be the good that outnumber the bad.

If this comes off sporadic and nonsensical please excuse me as I am writing this Raw and see no need to edit. I appreciate you all who read this and will be back to normal with my next post.

My focus was to exemplify the good and not even bring any of the bad in this post I hope I accomplish that.

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