Friday, March 8, 2013

Xbox Live Removes Gold Family Pack


If you have one of these with four accounts attached to it then hold on to it because you are now in a “exclusive” area.



According to Joystiq , Microsoft has gotten rid of the Family Gold offer from their services. Seems the service had disappeared earlier this month and was later confirmed from a Microsoft Representative.

"The Family Gold offer is no longer available for purchase," The Representative when on to say. "The Family Center experience with settings management, allowance granting, child activity reports and family subscriptions management are still available for current Family Gold members at this time."

As for why the pack was discontinued, the rep said, "We continually evaluate our business focus and work to offer services that make the most sense for our customers and Xbox."

I am wondering why they would discontinue this. I myself was looking into this for my family of four so the kids can play their kid games with no worries. Maybe something new will pop for the next gen system.

Anyway at least those that have it will still have it available to them. The Family Gold Pack started in November of 2010 and offered a discount of 4 Xbox Live Gold accounts for a discounted $99.00 with functionality to manage family members content and purchasing access.

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