Sunday, March 3, 2013

Make up Post for Saturday and Gaming Finds Today.


So a quick recap of Yesterday and what I have found today.



Photo: Happy to have his lollipop for his haircut.No blog post yesterday due to my wife being away at a training seminar for her new Full-Time Teacher’s position so that means me and the kiddos had to come up with stuff to do. I did get to game in-between nap/quiet time and prior to dinner.

I am proud my wife got a teaching position where she gets to do it all online on account of her degree she will be teaching from home. Will be tricky trying to keep the kids out of her hair but then I can always take them out for things easier now.

I got some Halo and some Gears of War 3 games done on account of Gears being 10XP right now. I am trying to hit my second re-Up achievement. I am not level 80 green so hopefully before Judgment I can hit that one.


WP_20130303_006Today I took lil man to get his haircut and go pre-order Beyond: Two Souls. Was not planning on picking up anything too much but saw way too many cheap games. I had to hold myself back but remembered I had a coupon for Buy 2 get 1 free. So I picked up a few. I picked up Alpha Protocol, Brink, DJ Hero 2, Guitar Hero 5, Mind Jack, RockBand: Metal Track Pack. I know there not a tope tier games in there but I am sure to have fun with them. I am definitely curious about Mind Jack.

Hope you guys are having a great gaming weekend!!

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