Monday, March 11, 2013

Epic Reveals The Gears Reaper for Gears of War: Judgment


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Does this guy look evil or what?? Get the info here.



During SXSW ( South by South West) this weekend, Epic Games PR Manager Wes Phillips revealed the Epic Reaper character from Gears of War: Judgment during a panel with Sr. Producer Chris Wynn and Sr. Programmer Pet Knepley.

Seems that if you kill the Epic Reaper you will be able to receive the Reaper Medal and a custom weapon skin. Now don’t think it will be a cake walk according to Epic the Epic Reaper has special abilities and physics so he’s not very easy to kill.

Each week a member of the Gears of War community will be chose to be the Epic Reaper and will be chosen based on contributions to the community. The person chosen also gets a custom set of Gears of War: Judgment dog tags.

Cool thing to keep the Epic Games Community involved. I just hope it is not that “die hard” to get. I would not mind the skin and medal.

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