Tuesday, March 5, 2013

EA Cancels Dead Space 4 after Dead Space 3 sells below target.


First thing out of the bat and it is a doozy. No more Dead Space after disappointing sales of Dead Space 3.



VideoGamer reported that EA is effectively bringing an end to the Dead Space series after canning Dead Space 4 in pre-production. According to the site, their anonymous source familiar with the project, EA terminated the development of Dead Space 4 in light of Dead Space 3 not achieving it’s sales targets.

The source claims that executives of EA informed Visceral Montreal  last month of the cancelation and details of the company’s restructuring plans. Seems Dead Space 3 was also “almost canceled” mid-development but EA told Visceral to bring in a wider audience focusing on action more than horror.


EA had believed that Dead Space 3 could sell 5 million copies and that pre-orders were “outpacing” those of Dead Space 2. So makes you wonder how much did the game sell in the month of release? Especially to have it’s sequel cut in mid-development.

I am sure the reasoning for the game not selling as well as it should is because EA was looking for more of an action game. People love horror games. If this is what will happen then I am sure other games like Dead Space will see a blow from other publishers. Look out Resident Evil your time may be at it’s end.

As for Dead Space it’s sad to see the series end like this but at the end of the day the gaming industry wants it’s big money makers. EA is definitely one of those need big money now companies.  So for now so long Dead Space you creep me out in the best way and hope you come back bigger and better someday.

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  1. i played the demo and i was not happy with the game. And i like the game series