Monday, March 4, 2013

Call Of Duty Co-Creator And Respawn Co-Founder Jason West Leaves Company


One of the Top Guns known for Infinity Ward and Respawn Entertainment leaves company.



co-creator of Call of Duty, and co-founder of Respawn Entertainment, Jason West, has reportedly left the company and has been gone for a few months.

Kotaku sources who spoke out with multiple anonymous people within the company, broke the news that West left due to family issues and has been gone since May.

Jason West alongside Vince Zampella founded Infinity Ward with Activision and made Call of Duty the monster that it is.  After the two were fired from their company by Activision and some legal stuff the two went on to create Respawn Entertainment.

The company is suppose to make a big presence at E3 this year but will this overshadow their work?

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