Friday, March 1, 2013

Beyond Two Souls Released Date October 9th 2013. All Star Cast grows.


The news on this game just gets better and better. The only reason to own a PS3 are it’s exclusives.



Beyond: Two Souls is set to release on October 9, 2013. The Quantum Dream developed PS3 exclusive also announced that joining Ellen Page will be none other than the Green Goblin himself Willem Dafoe, who will play scientist Nathan Dawkins.

Seems that Dafoe’s character works with Page’s character Jodie to study her supernatural abilities. Now whether he is good or bad is unknown but when was the last time you saw Dafoe play a hero role?

Quantum Dream also announced that GameStop pre-orders will receive an extra “30-minute playable scene DLC”. Which if you remember they did the same for Heavy Rain. Also all pre-orders will be upgraded to the “Special Edition” in a steelbook, with soundtrack, extra video content and a dynamic theme and avatars.

Definitely a worthy buy in my opinion. I loved Heavy Rain for it’s story telling and this is suppose to top that. Cannot wait.

Are any of you interested in Beyond: Two Souls?

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