Sunday, February 24, 2013

Weekend Update and some World Of Warcraft Xbox Avatar shirts.


This is what my weekend has been a cater to so far.


World of WarcraftI hope everyone is having a great weekend and getting your much needed gaming time before the mundane tasks of the week veer their heads your way.

I myself have been on a somewhat mission. With Raptr rewards giving away some Blizzard World of Warcraft Avatar shirts for both factions. I figure since my wife was a big MMO person and I am not would try it just to get myself into the allotted time needed to get the codes for the shirts.

Luckily I didn’t take too long to get the items. You can get both in one shot because all you need to do is be a newbie in WoW. I made a Blood Elf Hunter which is a first for me on account I usually play a rogue character in any RPG. I am right now a level 7 but am only going to play for as long as I can on the free side.

My wife is playing one of the Panda’s which are the only neutral race in the game. Of course with the Elf I chose which I only chose for aesthetic purposes is on the Horde side which I take it are the “bad” side.

On other gaming news as to what I have been doing is Magma and I worked on a couple of Halo CE: Anniversary and are almost complete on it. I unlocked 3 more in it and plan on doing some of the others when I can. Overall a pretty good weekend so far. Today I plan on playing some more Skyrim on my way to finishing those achievements off as well.

Oh on the purchase front I picked up a few games on the cheap.

1. Darksiders II for Xbox360 from Best Buy for $14.99

2. Disaster Report for the PlayStation 2 from EBay for $12 including shipping.

3. Red Faction Armageddon for Xbox 360 for $4.99 New

Not a bad haul for all three games through the week. Well I will write something else later today that has come across.

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