Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Sony PlayStation News Event Recap

Can you tell that it is what it is? Yes they are revealing their console or are they?

PlayStation 2013 event what we didn't seeWatching Live the event. The first few moments started with a film showcasing various PlayStation ads throughout the year.
I am not going to be bias but why is the speaker saying that PlayStation 3 was great in it’s “connecting” with others and use Netflix  as key saying they’re number 1 for the streaming service. Is that connecting people to one another in a game?
PS4 allows playing games as they're downloadingIt has SuperCharged PC Architecture with an X86 CPU, Enhanced PC GPU with 8Gb of memory.

Dual Shock 4 announced. Enhanced Rumble capability, with touch pad share button and light pad. With a “light bar” attachment.
Showing the Unreal 4 Demo running in real time.
Reveal of a new PlayStation 4 titled Knack which looks amazingly fun and could not tell the difference between gameplay and footage. Poster
You can suspend/resume by the power button where you can start the game from the exact point of last play.
PlayStation 4 streams PS3 gamesDigital content is able to play while downloading. Social play has it’s own dedicated hardware support. An informed system architecture was a necessary for their next gen platform.
Dave Perry CEO and Co Founder of Gaikai cloud server. Seems as Gaikai is able to let you get a game on day 1 and even if not wanting to purchase you can try the full version of a game and then decide if it is what you love. As well the service is connected through Facebook and Ustream. The PS4 will stream all games from previous console cycles.
ps4-vita-remote-play-gaikaiRemote play has been built into the PlayStation 4 unlocking it to the gamer’s PS Vita. Using Knack once again in the cross play. Long Term goal is to make all PS4 Games playable on the Vita.
A video package of developers stating what they have been doing with the PS4 hardware.
The Head of Guerilla Games reveals Killzone: Shadow Fall  In real-time and fully playable. The game looks amazing. Scenery is very sci-fi thriller feel to Killzone that I have not seen before. The cityscape is just a thing of beauty when you are hanging out of a helicopter as they are trying to shake you off.
Another Game reveal from Evolution Game Studios titled Drive Club. A team based racer that has been in development for 10 years. A game that has you playing with friends in real racing clubs that also has a app and let’s you challenge other clubs around the world. The game has a first person perspective.
Nate Fox introduces SuckerPunch’s Exclusive Infamous Second Son. A new title that has multiple heroes against a “overlord” watchdog government.

Jonathan Blow creator of Braid introduces his next project The Witness a game about solving puzzles while exploring an open world island. The game is exclusive to PlayStation 4. Graphically impressive and looks to push the indie game developers to move towards putting their games on PS4.
quantic-dreams-new-ps4-engine-debutedQuantum Dreams showing their technology that will be used for Beyond Two Souls. Where the tech demo shows a bust of a elderly man just looking around and being as realistic as possible.
Alex Severn from Media Molecule came out to show  a creative program that uses the move controller. “The Creative Console” looked amazing and it seems as something I actually would get behind with creating things on a PlayStation 4.
Capcom reveals nextgen 'Panta Rhei' engine to harness the power of PS4Yoshinori Ono from Capcom was next to present what Capcom has for PlayStation 4. A New Game Engine code name Panta Rhei while showing it in works on a game titled  “Deep Down” a working title.
The game looks to be a medieval take that follows some hunters chasing down some Giant Dragon. At the end was a “message” to Yoshinori Ono from Blanka of Street Fighter fame.
Hashimoto from Square Enix with a tech demo using their Luminous engine. The tech demo is something that is awfully familiar if anyone remembers it from E3. The possible “Final Fantasy” game that has the girl running through rooftops while being chased by a giant dog/rat hybrid as she holds a crystal in hand.Which in turns she “summons” a Bahamut type creature. It was also stated there will be a new Final Fantasy this year as Shinji Hashimoto revealed at the end of the presentation.
Ubisoft was next with Yves Giullermot with more on Watchdogs and a new demo. Watchdogs  is shown the title character hacking into ATM’s as well as other people’s bank account while stopping a woman from being killed then running from authorities while hacking surveillances cameras. MAN does that look great.
Blizzard announces Diablo 3 coming to PlayStation 4Chris Metzen from Blizzard Entertainment is on stage for a reveal of a partnership with Sony. He announced Diablo 3 for both the PlayStation 3 and the PlayStation 4. Diablo 3 will have custom control and a  four-player co-op mode.
Last but not least for the publishers is Activision. Activision brings Bungie and Destiny with some in game engine footage. Some footage is familiar but some brief moments of just awe with visuals. I have stated that this is my most wanted game within the next 2 years. Given the titled the “for shared shooter”. Bungie reveals exclusive playable content for the PlayStation version. Both the PlayStation 3 and 4 will release simultaneously.
With all that the only hardware reveal is the controller and “light bar”. No actual console shown what so ever. So I would guess that my original statement rang true. The last thing shown is Holiday 2013.

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