Sunday, February 3, 2013

Rare Legend of Zelda Cartridge is the world’s most expensive game.


The Legend of Zelda: OOT

Did anyone catch this yesterday? This was suppose to be the post yesterday but got to late with just me and the kids to post.



So came across this while doing a late look at some gaming stories to post and figure I would share it.

So what this started as was an EBay auction for a Legend of Zelda prototype cartridge. The owner Tom Curtin was asking for $150,000 dollars. Well seems the auction was not going the way he intended but instead he got a anonymous buyer saying he wanted the game and offered $55,000 – and just like that , a new record for the most expensive video game in the world was made.

Originally the record was held by a copy of Stadium Events which had the price tag of $41,300 in 2010.

Curtin did not own the game that long before deciding to sell it. Seems he had bought it 3 months prior from Jason Wilson, a leader in prototype collectibles who had it for about 10 years. Curtin had planned to keep the cartridge but realized his taste in collecting was shifting to original prints of cover art.

Well I hope one day to find a treasure along the likes of those few individuals with rarities in their collections. Who knows perhaps one day. For now I am happy to have the few cartridge of some Super N.E.S games.

What would you guys do if you had a game of this type in your collection would you sell it or keep it as your premiere piece? 

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