Saturday, February 16, 2013

Quick Update and Movie Night with My Love


Here is a little update and just a hello post for today.



So Magma Flow you know the guy who did a couple posts here. Well he has been getting me to play my PC games.

He had me try out the beta for WarFrame. This is a Sci-Fi 3rd Person “MMO-Shooter”. The game just like he says reminds you of the Mass Effect 3 Multi-Player. Which does not mean it is a bad thing. I need to get my settings on it better before I can totally enjoyed it but it looks as it is a game that would be cool with a group of friends.

We are planning on getting some Halo 2 Achievements as well as work on Gears of War 2 for PC. Just as soon as we are done with our Halo CE Anniversary Legendary gameplay.

As for tonight I won’t be gaming till probably late. My wife and I are going on a long and well deserved date night to go see Les Miserables before it disappears from theaters with the Blu-Ray release coming in March.

I hope you all are having a great weekend and will catch you guys on the flip side.

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