Friday, February 15, 2013

PlayStation 4 controller prototype leaked on camera


244985-ibbDestructoid had posted this picture yesterday of a prototype form of what the PlayStation Controller looks like. The picture taken from an unknown source.



While the photo itself doesn’t show much as for as design, you can see that it touches on a lot of the rumors pertaining to the controller over the last few months, You can see a somewhat touch surface and perhaps a PlayStation Move sensor.

Among those possibilities their seems to be a built in speaker or perhaps a “mic” output on the front there above the Home button. The thumbsticks are redesigned which have a convex middle on the thumbpads. The controller looks wider than the PS3 controller. If you look at the picture carefully there is a port right underneath the controller that barely shows. Not too sure if this is a port or even a switch and one would have to wonder what it is for.

There’s also a small unmarked button right next to the “screen”. This may point out to it being a “Share” button which has been reported before. So maybe you will be able to share in-game clips with friends over Facebook or other services. Seems this would be powered by cloud gaming service Gaikai, which if you remember Sony purchased last year.

According to sources at IGN the controller is indeed real, though it's an early prototype and possibly very different from the final design.

What do you think is this what part of the big reveal on the 20th is? Or will Sony let the “Cat” out of the bag with a full system reveal. This has me more intrigued for the reveal.


Source: IGN, Destructoid

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