Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Epic Announces Season Pass for Gears Judgment


Looks as if we will be getting some pretty cool stuff at launch if you decide to get the Season Pass.


GOW Judgment_Vert_22x28_FINAL_rgbEpic Games announced the VIP Season Pass for Gears of War: Judgment will be available at launch and includes maps, game modes and exclusive unlocks.

So come March 19th 2013 The VIP Season Pass for Gears: Judgment will be available at launch for 1600 Microsoft points, providing players with a more than 20 percent discount across a broad range of content, including six multiplayer maps, two new modes and nine exclusive unlocks.

The VIP Season Pass is the only way you can score a permanent double XP boost as well as a cache of exclusive armor and weapon skins, and it is your only chance to get a jump on the competition with exclusive, early access to all Game Add-on multiplayer maps.

So all together the season pass is containing the following.

* Two upcoming Game Add-Ons that include 6 multiplayer maps, two new modes, and new weapon and armor skins.

* A Permanent XP boost to accelerate your character through the ranks. Which that alone is very cool if it stays permanent.

* Five exclusive weapon skins and four armor skins. Which is a little odd for them not to be both even amounts but hey guess we will wait and see.

* Early Access to Game Add-on multiplayer maps so you can play them first. Which is a little different then the last season pass let’s see how much earlier they do it though.

Overall a pretty sweet deal though I am surprised that it is only two add-ons and not four plus weapon skins like they did with Gears 3 but what do you guys think will you be breaking some extra money for this as well?

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