Monday, February 25, 2013

Dishonored ‘The Other Side Of The Coin’ DLC has Achievements Trophies Emerge.



Looks like Dishonored has some DLC on it’s way as it’s PSN Trophies were posted online.


So earlier today the Trophies for an unrevealed Dishonored DLC, named ‘ The Other Side of the Coin’ were put up on PS3Trophies today. There are a total of 10 trophies which were the same amount as the first DLC. So does that mean we will have the same price point of $5/400 MSP for this DLC as well?

I definitely need to finish this game I loved how it started but I set it aside for other things.

On other gaming notes I picked up a copy of Vampire Rain $1.99 New and Ninja Blade $4.99 New from GameStop. You guys may want to check for these titles near you. I know they are not the greatest but at that bargain basement price you cannot pass up.

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