Wednesday, January 23, 2013

THQ is Dissolved, Multiple Franchises sold to Different Companies.



That’s right THQ is no more the auction has resulted in the company's assets being distributed among several publishers.



The company will be broken apart and its games sold to at least five different companies, according to a letter sent to employees today from CEO Brian Farrell and president Jason Rubin.

THQ: Total proceeds of auction close to $100M Mind you this is ongoing as I write this so I may have to update when more is announced.

Here are the auction results as of this moment.


THQ auction results as reported from DDInvesting

* $500k Homefront (Crytek)

* $26M for Relic (Sega)

* $2.5M for THQ Montreal (Ubisoft)

* $3.2M for South Park (Ubisoft)

* $11M for Evolve (Take-Two)

* $22.3M for Volition (Koch Media)

* $5.8M for Metro (Koch Media)

These are all the results I have at the moment. There is still no word on what will happen with Vigil which make Darksiders and no word on the WWE Franchise as well.


Today is a very sad day to lose a great publisher. So long THQ you were loved in this household.

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