Thursday, January 3, 2013

Report: New Sony Patent Blocks Second Hand Games



Sony has reportedly patented technology that will prevent the use of second hand games on consoles.


The patent application was filed on December 9th 2012 by Sony Computer Entertainment Japan, and will work by linking individual game discs to a user's account without requiring a network connection meaning any future attempt to use this disc on another user's console won't work.

The Document goes on to explains that games will come with contactless tags that will be read by your console in much the same way as modern bank cards. When a disc is first used, the disc ID and player ID will be stored on the tag. Every time the disc is used in future, the tag will check if the two ID’s match up and, if not, then the disc won’t work.

I do remember Sony trying to patent something along the same lines for the PlayStation 3 disks but was never implemented. The document makes no mention as to where this patent will be used so no determination if it is for the Next Gen PlayStation. Sony has also not confirmed the existence of the patent in question.

At the end of the day I just hope this is a hearsay rumor because Sony would lose out big in rental stores let alone retail outlets that resell the games. Why would a chain take the risk on the new machine if there is no secondary market? This is one story to keep an Eye out for.

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