Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year!



I hope everyone is having a great start to the New Year. I have been busy offline with some family stuff but plan on getting into the swing of things as soon as possible.



I plan on making this blog better throughout the following year and hope you guys will continue to enjoy what I may bring you. I know I wanted some people to write their own reviews and news about things but at the end of the day it needs to be me that has to make this grow. So that will be my resolution to stay on top of this and make it exactly what I want it to be.



On other fronts Christmas was good not great for the gamer inside of me but pretty good none the less. I ended up with a pretty decent haul more than what I expected.







Yup some surprises in there and some not so surprising but I made out pretty well. Oh and as for Anne Rice’s Interview with a Vampire Claudia’s Story it is with a high recommendation that I say read it! The story was amazing and the artwork was just beautiful.Both Anne Rice and Ashley Marie Witter did an amazing job exploring the mind of Claudia and gave her so much more life than in previous books.

As for the two games in the picture I am almost done with Lego Pirates of the Caribbean which I always have fun with the Lego games plus gives the kids chances to sit and interact with me. As for Sniper Elite I started it and have to get back to it once I am done with Pirates.  This was the year of Blu-Rays and DVD’s for me it seems as most of my gifts were that. I do love my Gothic Charm School by Jillian Venters. A fully illustrated guidebook to day-to-day Goth living.

Well that is most of my items as you can see and I hope everyone else made out like bandits. Let’s see what the New Year brings us.

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