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Gypsy 83- A Gothic Movie Worth Owning Let Alone Watching


gypsy 83

This has got to be one of my favorite films of all time concerning “Goths”.



590_gypsyOk first a little back story on this film and how I came across it. I found this little gem while I lived in Lancaster, Ohio. I was with someone and we use to go to the local library and borrow Dvd’s . I was always one looking for anything dark and “inspiring” to me because anyone who has ever lived in a out of the way place knows how hard it is to be “different”. I had taken this home the first time and instantly fell in love with the movie. I continued to “borrow” the movie as many times as possible. This continued even when my wife and I first got together and she bought it as a gift and I continue to watch it frequently.





As for the plot of the film here it is. Gypsy (Sara Rue) is a mid-twenty yr. old who works at a crappy photo hut in an Ohio suburb. She has a best friend Clive (Kett Turton) a very creative Goth who is in the process of “coming-out”. They share a deep affection for one another having both lost their mothers as kids.  Gypsy’s mother having ran out to pursue her singing career and abandoning her and her father.  While doing a search for the “God-mother of Goth” Stevie Nicks they run across “Night of a 1,000 Stevies”  Gypsy sees a picture of her mother. The two decide to stop what they are doing, head to New York so Gypsy can perform in the contest and maybe meet her mother.


gypsy-bothThis is one of those films that does not come around a lot. You expect it to be a “coming of age” cheesy picture but it is one of the most original, heartfelt, beautifully scripted coming of age ever in my opinion.

There is never a moment where you don’t feel for these characters. Especially Gypsy who is sarcastic and beautiful while at the same time she is very timid and insecure with herself as a woman. Clive is also written to perfection and reminds me of many a friend from back home who were sure in who they were yet they never wanted to be seen as just “that type of person”.  The overall connection the two characters shows throughout the film and they complement each other’s strength and weaknesses. Seeing Gypsy made me fall in love with Sara Rue literally. She is an amazing actress and if you don’t see her shine in anything she does  down to the “brief” cameo in Can’t Hardly Wait.


hi-11The music in the film plays a key element especially when it pertains to Gypsy herself as she goes through the film. She goes from singing a song her mother sang in the family band to writing a very powerful and moving tribute to her mother that is the furthest from any “Stevie” song. Stevie who she basically wanted to “mimic”.

The film is not a happy go lucky picture and both Gypsy and Clive each go through some rough spots in the film but at the end it shows you how strong these characters are after all is said and done.


"Gypsy 83" is a beautiful film about accepting and loving yourself and coming to terms with tragic events from your past. Sometimes cheesy but never cliché, this is a little movie with a big heart. Definitely see this one I guarantee you will treasure it.


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