Monday, January 28, 2013

Gears of War: Judgment Gets a Public Demo on March 19th


If you are still on the fence about Gears of War: Judgment this may just change your mind.



It seems as Epic Games is planning a public demo of their new playlist Overrun for Gears of War: Judgment on March 19th. If you pre-ordered your game from GameStop you will get access to the demo on March 15th. Do not worry if you already have pre-ordered it before hand you will be grandfathered in for the 15th.


Also as an added incentive all XP earned through the demo will transfer over to the final game for those who purchase the game that first week of launch. Which is a good jump on point for whatever levels you may start off with in game.


I am hoping that some of my friends who were soured by Gears 3 multi-player will give this a shot and possibly come back for the long haul.

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