Saturday, January 19, 2013

Family Time


Just a quick post of what went on today in the Geeky Goth House.



So today was a family day. I got to wake up a little late and had my four yr old come into the room and give a hug,kiss and tell me that mommy made breakfast. We had a nice breakfast and turn around and put our littlest down for an early nap due to having professional pictures taken. This was the first time we as a family has had a chance to take pictures as a whole that did not include Santa.

The kids did great and the photographer was really well with them.  I am looking forward to seeing the end result in a couple of days. Especially the pictures of the wife and I. Vel and I never get too much pics of both of us together at least this way I have some of us together.

Came home had a great homemade Chili dinner and finishing this up with home made bread and Devils Hockey.

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