Friday, January 11, 2013

Eddie Thorson on Television…What??!!


Eddie Thorson on Television

We Have another post from our own Eddie Thorson and from what the blurb states it is what is hot on Television.



Last week I went over movies and some video games that are coming up for the first quarter of 2013. Before, I get into this week's TV post, A bit of a recap “Carrie” has been push to October 2013.

This week I will go over Television programs that have caught my interests and may be of interest to you all.


The first is a new series titled Defiance. The television series shares it's name with a Multi-Platform shooter MMO. The game's plot is that aliens comes to the planet Earth to stay while your character is a human bounty hunter set in California. The T.V series will air on SyFy channel and is set in St. Louis. Certain story lines, characters and creatures will be going back and forth between the show and the game.


The next series that always shows promise is The Walking Dead. A television series that has been breaking new ground for AMC. The series has grown to be one of the most popular series on basic television. While the series has grown, it has had some good news, bad news and games rumors.

Bad news is that the current show-runner Glenn Mazzara has parted ways with the show. He now makes the second show-runner that has now departed from the series, The good news is that The Walking Dead will return for a Fourth season. On the gaming front Telltale Games are rumored to be working on Season Two to their critically acclaimed adventure game.


American Horror Story is the third series that I want to bring you guys to speed on. This season has been one of the most shocking blend of sci-fi, horror and thriller. I am glad that it has been renewed for a third season on the FX channel.

On Starz, we have Spartacus: War of the Damned in it's final season. SyFy has renewed Face-Off a reality based contest about special effects/makeup work. Then last but not least is Comic Book Men returning from it's mid-season break in February. I am wondering if the show will be back for another season.


Until next week. I am Eddie Thorson trying to give you the best info on Movies, Television and Games. Take Care

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