Friday, June 29, 2012

House issues and new gaming news.

First thing I have to bring to attention is I am sorry for the lack of post but earlier in the week we had a bad tropical storm and got us pretty bad here. Yesterday was a day of Roofers and Insurance Adjusters out to the house and getting info and rates and all that goody stuff. It is not something that is need now but let's see what gaming news I can give you all.

 Playstation Summer Sale announced and starts July 3rd.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Atari turns 40,Halo news,Walking Dead Episode 2 released and so much more.

Today is a big day...why you may ask? Well it's big on two points one it is the 40th Anniversary of Atari and the second it means I am an old there is so much more to write about today.

Monday, June 25, 2012

New Releases Week of 6/24/2012

Hope everyone is having a better Monday than yours truly. The heavy rains have made a mess and created some leaks in our roof. Today is all about getting estimates and possible claims done. Anyway here is your New Releases for this week.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Eating my foot....

Hey guys! Old MagmaFlow here.
June is a big month for me. Three events that happen in this month. First one is my anniversary. 11 years this month. That's a long time to be married. Uh huh. Second is Father's Day. I've already posted about Father's Day. The third is my birthday. 34 years old this month.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Rainy Day and just gaming tidbits.

Could Team Fortress be coming to the Adult Swim on cartoon network? Are you guys prepared for two big DLC's releasing next Tuesday??

Friday, June 22, 2012

Nintendo has a new hardware announced and it is HUGE!

Yes I know there was no blog post yesterday. This I blame on my video editing software. It had gotten stuck rendering when I went out to do errands with the family. Anyway let's get on to what is going on in the gaming news.

First thing late last night Nintendo had a Nintendo Direct video

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Metal Gear 5 Confirmed...Saint's Row the 3rd expansion canceled.

First major news on the forefront is a surprise. Metal Gear Solid 5 is in the works and will star everyone's favorite war torn hero Solid Snake.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

"Iron" Mike Tyson to return to the Ring.

As most of you already know there was a leaked document on Microsoft's plan for the X-Box 720. Of course it is all over the place and I will delve into that in a little bit. Now for the key story of this post is that THQ have officially announced their pre-order bonus for this year's WWE '13.

Monday, June 18, 2012

New Releases Week of Jun 17, 2012

Here are the release for this week. I hope everyone had a great weekend. I myself had a busy weekend with boy my son's 4th birthday on Saturday and Father's Day on Sunday. To everyone who is a dad I hope you had a great day with your kids and family. I will post my weekend fun later today.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day!!!

Happy Father's Day to all the dads, step-dads, and loving father figures.

Since I'm going to start being a regular contributor on this site I thought I would take the time and give all three of you that read this thing a background on who I am and so on and so forth.

Friday, June 15, 2012

My Top Games I look forward to from E3

I have finally gotten around to making my list for what I think will be the top games for me. As with all lists I figure it will also be fair to put the games I believe will not make a major impact. Remember there is no specifics in who is 1 and number whatever it is just how I write it out. No preference.

My Top Games from E3

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Well yesterday was suppose to be a blog from Ed..

I have no idea to what is going on. I have messaged Eddy about where his blog for yesterday was and to this moment have not received an answer or even an acknowledgement. So maybe today I can post something extra and then hopefully he will send me his post for the yesterday. Well nothing to major on the news front.

There are rumors of Wii U specs and price points also what was discovered is achievements in game are not mandatory for the system. Nintendo is leaving that all up to the decison of the game publishers. I think this is a cheap move on their part and kind of goes backwards on keeping up with what others are doing. I do hope most of the publishers will just put them in there and have Nintendo follow suit. As for the pricing on the Wii U. It has been rumored that the machine will be roughly around $300 Dollars. I think that is a relative price in comparison to the other systems available but my question is will it sell in the last year or two of the Sony and Microsoft machines. At the end of a life cycle of systems their prices get slashed big time to make inventory room for the next gen. Will the Wii U be able to keep up with that? Guess we will have to wait and see.

I figure later today I will do my Can't wait for list from E3. Some of the titles may surprise you. Not everything that was in our face was what interested me. So look forward to that later today.

I am sorry for the no post yesterday I am sure there is a logical reason he did not respond.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

New Update for the 360 and no I did not get a Dawnguard beta.

As the title says today I was privileged to receive the Xbox Update while others will receive it next week. I am sure a good portion got it this week. Nothing of major interest as far as overall looks goes. Seems as this update according to Maj. Nelson is to prep for upcoming add-ons and features. So that should mean when ever they release the new partners apps and channels.
On another note I did apply for the Skyrim closed beta for Dawnguard but yeah for once I fell into the 99% which sucks because they should have had more then just one percent of the population who apply get codes. Not as if I would not get the DLC which comes out at the end of the month but still would have been nice to see it before hand. Anyway that is all from me. Obviously this blog does not attract enough people if I cannot even do a proper giveaway. So from now on I will be talking to myself on here. Sucks but hey if no one participates then how can I be sure you guys are out there. I will just use this as a writing tool to help myself improve.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Who wants free games??!!

Just follow the simple rules below and you will be entered to win not one but two xbox arcade titles. If you are new to the blog go back and read a few posts and enjoy yourself here.

 a Rafflecopter giveaway

The winner will be announced after the week is up and good luck to all!! 

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Nintendo Press Conference E3 Day 2

The Nintendo Press Conference started with a video package of Shigeru Miyamoto "Godfather of Nintendo" being followed by Pikmin. Which in turned followed him onto the stage and were playing with the audience. After the play it was revealed that Pikmin 3 would be available on the Wii U.

Reggie Fils-Aime was called about by Mr.Miyamoto, who then went on to say there will be a total of 23 Wii U. Reggie also mention  that Netflix, Hulu, Youtube and Amazon Instant Video were confirmed for the Wii U. Mr. Fils-Aime also confirmed that the Wii U will be able to use two Gamepads simultaneously.
They then showed a video package of Super Mario Bros U.  Of course the we all new there would be a Mario game on the Wii U but just a rehash of the original Mario Brothers? with just a few changes?
To me it does not help Nintendo show the graphics power of the machine. Until they showed the next game. Batman Arkham City:Armored Edition. That's right the Wii U is getting the Caped Crusader and now it makes sense to show this game. Why you may ask? Well the game was created on the Unreal Engine. This tells developers who were curious as to what the Wii U can handle well this engine is the engine to do it with. Along with that Batman Arkham City:A.E also has a few perks using the touchscreen on the gamepad. There is a B.A.T mode made for precision use of the Batarang and other of Batman's utilities.
Another title coming for the WiiU is Scribblenauts Unlimited. The game is scheduled for Multiplayer game-play and will be in HD. Anyone who loves scribblenauts will surely love this game. Here are a list of games also coming to the Wii U.

Darksiders 2                         Mass Effect 3
Tekken Tag 2                        Tank,Tank,Tank
Trine 2 Director's cut           Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge
Aliens: Colonial Marines     Wii Fit U
Assassin's Creed III               Rayman Legends

That is just a few of the games coming to the Wii U. It is interesting to note that both Darksiders 2 and Assassin's Creed come out around the same time so it may give you an idea that the system should have a early fall release perhaps?? pre-holiday is my guess.
They also showed Sing which is a party karaoke game where you do not have to look at the tv screen but use the gamepad for the lyrics and stare at your friends as you perform. This looks like the party game to look out for.
Nintendo then briefly switched to the 3DS. The three titles yes only three titles were announced according to Nintendo because of time. The first game was Super Mario Bros. 2 followed by Paper Mario Sticker, Paper Mario is one of my favorite games. It has always reminded me of my favorite role playing games, Super Mario Bros.RPG: Legends of the Seven Stars. They are just fun games that you never tire of. Paper Mario has the same principle but at the same time you collect stickers to use throughout the game. The last game announced was Luigi's Mansion 2. The game play shown focused on the multi-player where there were four ghost catchers and 1 ghost. Looked like fun. The rest of the titles are suppose to be announced on their E3 website.

Back for the Wii U they showed Lego City:Undercover this looks like GTA in lego form. This looks great and is sure to be a hit for all ages. I like how the lego people are voiced and you are trying to solve crimes.
Ubisoft came out to show Just Dance 4 and how you can change the choreography using the gamepad to mix things up for other players.
The last game shown was Nintendo Land. can I call this a game or more of a hub of mini-games for you and your Mii and the Mii-verse. Looked interesting but they should have shown off more of the games in it. Well that was Nintendo. I know this is a couple days late but I had all the other posts from day 1 to get through.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Ed's Weekly Post

 Eddy Thorson's Post for the week of 6/4/2012

 Gamer Info

Upcoming June Releases to watch for.

1. Lollipop Chainsaw releases on 6/12/12

Lollipop Chainsaw is a hack and slash game. In it, Juliet (the main character) has light attacks, which are acrobatic kicks and punches, and heavy attacks, which she uses her chainsaw for. The light attacks are intended to herd enemy zombies together so that Juliet can finish them off all at once with heavy attacks. Killing enemies and saving classmates that are being attacked by zombies will fill up Juliet's star meter, which is used for super attacks. Juliet's boyfriend Nick, a disembodied head hanging from her skirt, can be used for various purposes, including being kicked at enemies by Juliet or being put on the body of a decapitated zombie to control it. When the player completes certain tasks in the game, Juliet's chainsaw can be upgraded.

2. Lego Batman 2:DC Super Heroes to be released on 6/19/12

Lego Batman 2 will feature an open world environment. The game will feature similar game play to the first Lego Batman., allowing players to play as classic Batman characters and other various DC superheroes. There will be over 70 playable characters; new gadgets, Superman's heat vision, and a Power Suit for Batman have been announced. The game will feature an optional 2-player cooperative play. Co-op play will now feature a split screen since the game has an open-world environment.

3. Amazing Spiderman releases on 6/26/12

The game has an open world environment, where a player can "swing around" and choose a variety of side missions, challenges and mini-games in addition to the game's main storyline.  

 New Movie Reviews: Snow White and the Huntsman

Snow White and the Huntsman  opened on 6/1/12. This is another one of those big budget films that just got lucky. Budget at $170 million this movie made $96 million as of 6/3/12. This movie starring Charlize Theron (Prometheus), Chris Helmsworth (Thor), and Kristen Stewart (Twilight series) in this dark fantasy film based on the Brothers Grimm tale.

The plot: Snow White joins forces with the fierce Huntsman, who was recruited by the diabolical Queen to kill Snow White, and together they fight to rid their kingdom of evil. Obsessed with being the fairest woman in the land, the Queen learns that Snow White will soon surpass her in beauty, and seeks to achieve immortality by consuming the young girl's heart. The Huntsman is the only one capable of braving the dark forest to seek out Snow White, threatened with death should he refuse to follow his order, the Huntsman finds Snow White, and begins training her (with the help of the prince and the seven dwarfs) for the battle ahead.

Even though this movie hit #1 for this past weekend, Wait for the release of the DVD better yet wait to this movie is release on cable to watch it.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

New Releases for the week

Here is a quick list from Gamespot showing what was released this week.

Bang Bang RacingBang Bang Racing:   PC    Driving     Jun 8, 2012   
                                  X360    Driving     Jun 6, 2012
                                   PS3    Driving     Jun 5, 2012

Strategic War in Europe    PC    Strategy     Jun 8, 2012   

Cat Frenzy    DS    Puzzle     Jun 7, 2012   

Art of Balance Touch!    3DS    Puzzle     Jun 7, 2012     

Virtua Fighter 5 Final ShowdownVirtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown    X360    Action     Jun 6, 2012   
                                                          PS3    Action     Jun 5, 2012

Madagascar 3: The Video Game    VITA    Adventure     Jun 5, 2012   

Deadly Association    MAC    Adventure     Jun 5, 2012   
                                       PC    Adventure     Jun 5, 2012 

Inversion    X360    Action     Jun 5, 2012             
Inversion    PS3    Action     Jun 5, 2012

Rayman Origins
The Sims 3 Katy Perry's Sweet Treats
Rayman Origins    3DS    Action     Jun 5, 2012         

 The Sims 3 Katy Perry's Sweet Treats    PC    Puzzle     Jun 5, 2012   

Battlefield 3: Close QuartersBattlefield 3: Close Quarters    PS3    Action     Jun 4, 2012   
Battlefield 3: Close Quarters    X360    Action     Jun 4, 2012   
Battlefield 3: Close Quarters    PC    Action     Jun 4, 2012   

Sony Press Conference Day 1

The Sony Press Conference aired last night and started with a New IP named Beyond:Two Souls. This comes from Quantic Dream the people who made Heavy Rain. The game looks amazing and the graphics that Quantic Dream used to capture Ellen Page's features is beautifully done. The concept deals with Death and though not everything was given away but it was very interesting.

The second game to be shown was Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale. The game looked like a carbon copy Super Smash Brothers which is not to say it is a bad thing because the formula shows the the latter is a impressive fighter for fans. The game is suppose to be released this holiday season and they announced two characters that were not in the gameplay demo. First was Nathan Drake, no surprise there and then there was Bioshock's own Big Daddy. Which confuses me because Bioshock is not a Playstation first party game so looks like it will be a first party characters. None the less should be a fun experience. With the game came an announcement  of Cross-play with the Vita and that the game will release for both the PS3 and the Vita.
Also with that came some more Vita games announced. One was Black Ops:Declassified and Assassin's Creed: Liberation Both different games for the Vita in comparison to their sister titles on the PS3. Assassin's Creed: Liberations stars a new Assassin and a female character at that. She was shown to be dressed as a patriot.  A new bundle was announced for the Vita and Assassin's Creed III will have it's own PS3 bundle as well.  Yet another display of FarCry 3 but the difference was they showed 4 player co-op. The team had to take over a bridge and blow it up. The multi-player concept looked sharp.  Some Playstation Move games were announced. Here is a list of a few named.

                                        Playstation Move Upcoming Games 
1.Little Big Planet Karting- New cart racing

2.Bioshock Infinite- will have Move compatibility.

3.Epic Mickey 2- This will be playing just as the Wii title in my opinion. None the less worth having Move.
4. Wonderbook- This is more of a new peripheral that allows the Move to bring storybooks to life. They announced two titles with this  a) Diggs Nightcrawler and b) Book of Spells which is tied to Pottermore and J.K Rowling This looked good and would be fun for the baby bats here but hopefully there will be more titles before launch. We love Harry Potter in this house and look forward to when the kids are able to play this.

Sony then switched to their Playstation Suite and how this is their way to get Playstation to other Open Os such as Android and IOS. With that they renamed it to Playstation Mobile.

Then it was their Heavy Hitter God of War:Ascension Game play Demo. This finally showed some campaign play with a Elephant type warrior boss. The trailer is nice. To me it is another God of War prequel. which how many prequels does Kratos needs. Good but nothing new to me

Finally they finished their Conference with what I think will be game of the year besides Beyond. Of course the game is The Last of Us. I am not a Uncharted fan whore but I do love the franchise very much for how it is an experience to play. I look forward to how different this apocalyptic game looks and the overall feel of this. The game play demo looked great and was mentioned there were many different ways to go about your not set to one direct way. That is always a thing that matters replay value to find all the ways to get through a game.

E3 Day 1 Ea and Ubisoft conferences

I am combining both EA and Ubisoft conferences to one post. I hope you guys will enjoy what I am doing. Let's get started first was EA. 

EA started their conference with a Dead Space 3 game play demo. The game play was focused on Co-op play and was on the Ice Planet that is filled with Necromorphs The new character we learned is John Carver. The Demo showed them dealing with Necromorphs in what looks like a drilling  factory. Which then led to them being outside with a huge Necromorphic boss fight.

 There was also Sims Social for Facebook and the new SimCity  which will be out in February of 2013. Of course then came the announcement of Battlefield Premium, which announce a  49.99 price tag and will involve all map packs, weapons,Dog tags and vehicles. That is available now on PS3 and next week on Xbox 360. EA also announced a exclusive multiyear deal with the UFC but no games announced.  We also got a glimpse at the new Need for Speed:Most Wanted which is set for an October 30,2012 and that was followed by Crysis 3 due to hit shelves in Feb. 2013.

Now on to the Ubisoft Press Conference which started things off with Just Dance 4 with very little game play but musician Flo Rida performing. I honestly thought we were heading for trouble.

But shortly after the performance they headed into showing a game play demo of FarCry 3. FarCry introduced some awesome weapons shots with the Bow and Arrows and how clean it runs on their Dunia engine.
Nothing impressed me more then the game that came next or so I thought. When I saw Splinter Cell:Black List I was very happy. Sam Fisher I thought I was going to see the gameplay that we saw during the Microsoft conference but was happy to see the Weclome to 4th Echelon trailer. I am looking forward to this. I am a big fan of the Tom Clancy games. Ubisoft  has always done well with them and I have always enjoyed them. Then we get Avengers:Battle for Earth this looked something along the lines of Ultimate Alliance just from the trailer. Ubisoft then showed off their lineups of  Wii U titles.

Ubisoft Wii U titles
Rabbid's Land     Your Shape Fitness Evolved 2    
Sports Connection   Assassin's Creed III
 Just Dance 4
Some decent titles for it and then they showed some 3 on 3 game match for a game named "Shoot Me" It was a lot of time that was eating advertising this and whatever Twitch TV.

Then we saw some more Assassin's Creed III with a game play demo showing Connor in the winter going after a General and showing some counter-kills.
 Last but not least Ubisoft surprised us with a new I.P. Watchdogs. One word came out simply amazing!! Game play video was one of the most entertaining and engrossing games I have seen so far. I am going to let the trailer speak for itself.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Nintendo...How I Loathe You!

So I've been asked to do a guest post by Mr. Geeky Goth Gamer Dad or whatever his name is here. At first I was like "I'm not writing for" you! F that!" But I said what the hey and I'm doing it now. I didn't know what I should write about in my first post, but then we started talking about E3 and stuff and I went on a rampage of hate toward Nintendo. So...Here goes!

Nintendo. I don't like you, Nintendo. Ever since you put out the Wii I've always felt that you've been duping your customers. I feel that you took advantage of them and produced a system not to inspire developers into making quality games...but to try to get as much cash as humanly possible out of old characters who jumped the shark years ago.

Let me start with this...and I'm not bashing this on any facts (well...some might be true, but whatever). This is solely off of my experiences and thoughts. Oh and yeah, I'm doing this for fun. While I do think this way, it's best said that this is just for amusement. OK. Now onto the good stuff.

The GameCube! Awesome system. Many great games that I loved. One of which was Soul Calibur II. My friend and I logged a butt load of hours on that game. So Nintendo had this good thing going with the GameCube...then...and I blame Reggie for all of it in its head that it needed to make more money off of us loyal customers. They took a gimmick of an idea and slapped it on a GameCube and know what? Let's make a new system solely on this! What did they get? A GameCube with waggle named (of all things) the Wii. Whoopie! Wanna know how I know it's a GameCube? Well...for takes the same damn discs as the GameCube. Oh, and the controller ports. GameCube. In fact...Memory cards, too. had a redesigned GameCube with stupid motion control and they charged people $200 for it!

Great job Nintendo. You pulled one over on all us consumers! People were lining up in droves to get this GameCube with Waggle (we'll call it GCWW from now on). And they were lining up for a long time to get this piece of junk. They created this false supply shortage that, to me, is totally unbelievable. You want to say that you cannot produce enough of these GCWW systems? Really? It's the same hardware that is already on the shelves everywhere? It's a GameCube? You managed to stay on top of that the entire time and not miss a beat. But, oh no, as soon as you hear that the first run sold out like Tickle Me Elmo dolls you decide to withhold the supply. Thus, jacking up the price to the people that want to get it. Point here is that I think that this whole thing was deliberate. Way to go Nintendo. I'm sure someone in their marketing department got a promotion over this, but you left a really bad taste in my mouth over this.

And now onto the games. What games? What games other than a Nintendo game does this thing have that's even worth the box it comes in? I'm talking about games like Biggest Loser or some other shovelware that gets put out on the thing. What do you use the Wii for? Zelda, Mario, insert whatever tired old game character you have in here that everyone has fond memories of. The only games that are worth anything on that system are the first party games. And I'll be honest with you...I've had enough Mario, Zelda, Samus, whatever. Let them remain the characters that I loved and stop trying to get more money out of them with Mario Party 18: RandomNation or The Legend of Zelda: Look You Lost Your Powers Again. Let em go...please. Do something new! NEW NEW NEW!!!!!

Well...I shouldn't really say that. I wouldn't even buy it even if it was new. I have lost interest in Nintendo and they have become completely irrelevant to me. The Wii game isle at the game store is nothing but wasted space to me. No game (no matter what brand you put on it) is going to be good on that system or make me want to buy it or a system. The Wii is the Virtual Boy, but people can't see it. I'm not sure why that is.

I'm not a writer...and this is my first angry blog post as a guest writer.

PS...and I'm beating you all to this!!!

Microsoft Press Conference..Day 1 of E3

This afternoon or morning on the West coast, people descended upon what Microsoft had to offer and see what the next year of gaming that Microsoft has in store for Xbox 360 fans.
As the dark descended upon everyone in the theater. Microsoft started with a Live Action Trailer almost short film for Halo 4. It quickly jumped to a cut scene where we see Master Chief look at the UNSC Infinity come planet side, Something comes from underneath to follow the ship to it's crash destination. Chief starts his run to where the ship is headed along the way the clip jumps to game play and we see the BRM and pistol take out some of the new planet side enemies.  There was a "Promethian Knight" that got in Master Chief's "face" and exposed it's inner self ala Independence Day. It had a small flying machine that blocked Chief's shots and even tossed back a sticky grenade, he picked up two new weapons during the play through. One was a "Light Rifle" which seemed like a covenant rifle and the "Scattershot" which reminds me of the needler. After the game play footage was another cutscene that has some of campaign and shows the fragility of Cortana. The last thing you hear is the antagonist saying "I have long dreamt of this day. Reclaimer."

Started off with a big bang. and went right into Splinter Cell: Black List. This looked amazing and was nice to see Sam Fisher in his black ops duds. The game uses a lot of what was done with Ghost Recon: Future Solider. Which is not a bad thing. Some of the kills that Sam did was surely a Splinter Cell move. 3 head shots while bouncing over a crate. Also knife executions while dragging the body over the cover. One key thing that seemed great was calling in support through Kinect. Fisher called an air strike on a vehicle and took out most of the enemies in his way. Also look for it in Spring 2013

After two strong game titles Microsoft went to EA and their sports titles. EA went with two of their strongest sellers. Fifa 2013 and Madden 13, both games showed Kinect support by calling audibles in Madden and player formations in FIFA. Of course during the Madden demo they brought out Joe Montana to show the game play.

I think all 3 games using the Kinect as support and not just as a main focus of play was exciting to see and also shows that they want to integrate both controller and Kinect. Which in my mind was cool to see. They kept the focus on Kinect with Fable: The Journey with a new game play footage trailer. Microsoft then switched gears to what is coming to the Xbox 360 Dashboard 

Here are some of the Media coming to the Dashboard. 
Television and Movie Apps.                                           Sports Apps.
Nickelodeon                                                                 NBA Gametime
Paramount Movies                                                     NHL Gamecenter and Center Ice
Machinima                                                                  ESPN live coverages & channels
Univision-Spanish language content

Most of these sound good the only one that worries me is Nickelodeon considering the cable apps that are already on the Dash like Verizon and Infinity that have it in their channel lineup. In addition to those apps the Xbox 360 is getting Xbox Music a new music application that sort of looks like Itunes for the 360. Although I use Last FM on my 360 I just want to know the exact details to what this will entail. Hopefully I can stream my entire catalog from my PC that I own.

After that a Nike representative came out to show their collaboration with  Xbox with their game Nike Plus Kinect Training to be released this Holiday season. I think this is a fitness game that is the one to get. It has the functionality with it being able to tie your phone and other friends to remind you to "work out". Also with it just considering you an "Athlete". 
  Afterwards we were introduced to Xbox Smartglass: which is an application that is suppose to tie any tablet and smartphones to your console and Xbox Live. This seems good and if it helps integrate games as they have shown like Madden to do certain things in game without pausing or going to a menu, also to be able to continue a movie you start on your tv and watch it on your mobile device as well as have that device give you other input on the show or movie you watch.

Back to games they showed new game play footage for Tomb Raider:Crossroads that showed Lara Croft taking on some enemies with the bow then zip line across with a boomerang. The trailer showed some great details such as shooting barrels to let the flammable liquid then switch to Flaming arrows and when the enemy walks in you shoot to set them ablaze. Sharp thinking was shown and then to see Lara with the shotgun and do other tricks throughout the demo. They also announced that the 1st DLC will be timed exclusive for the Xbox.

Shortly after was the display of  some of the Summer of Arcade titles.  Some of the ones they showed were Ascend:New Gods , Loco Cycle, and Matter for the Kinect. They all looked interesting for how short a footage they showed. I guess they were in a rush to get to Resident Evil 6 which showed a new game play trailer with Leon Kennedy and Elena going through an infected city street and showed new fighting tech and sharp zombie kills.

More Arcade titles were announced such as Wreckateer a kinect only Tower Destruction game. Also with that was one that I look forward to South Park:The Stick of Truth. You get to play as the fifth character who is new to South Park and have to help the boys save the town from evil. Also the release date was announced for March 5th 2013. We had some Dance Central 3 footage and some guy "Usher" dance around. Not a very good part of the conference considering I would prefer the game footage.

With that Microsoft finished off their press conference with Call of Duty:Black Ops 2 another Call of Duty game coming out this holiday season with all DLC being timed exclusive for the Xbox 360. All I can say is ok we have another one. This franchise is the Madden of the shooter genre and kids will eat it up. It is pretty and yes it is set in the future but does it make me want to rush out and pre-order?? Here is a hint I just bought Black Ops because it was under 10 dollars on Origin for the 360. So no I do not see me getting this first day.

Also what Microsoft did this year was reverse the order of their games that opened and closed their show. Last year Call of Duty 3 started and Halo Anniversary finished. This year Halo starts Call of Duty finished.  I was hoping for so much with this conference but seems like next E3 you will definitely see a new System from the house of Xbox. Also I did not forget Gears of War:Judgment. I will tackle that after a few more things.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Saturday first Grill,Drum Circles and some more gaming news.

I am a happy griller!
Yesterday was a nice little family day here. We all went over to the closest Home Depot to finally use a gift card that was given to us almost two Christmases ago. Our main reason for going was to see about finally getting a Gas Burning Grill. I love to grill food and though I do not "cook" in the traditional sense. Though that does sound odd for a stay at home dad. I still manage to get some things done. I would much rather Grill as much as possible then sitting in front of a stove.
Food on the Grill
We found a nice grill and also was able to pick up a Fire bowl as well. For those not in the know a Fire bowl is exactly what it sounds like a place so you can build a nice little fire and not have to worry about digging a hole. These are always a little nice when you just want a quiet little fire and just sit and relax. I did get to use the grill on it's maiden burn and made the family some hamburgers and a couple of steaks for the lil mrs. and I. Such sweet success for me and loved how things came out. Afterwards we went to a Drum Circle at a local petting zoo. The kids love running around seeing the different animals and we got to spend some time with friends.

That was my Saturday. On the gaming front though more news came out since my last post. One of the big news was the reveal of the new Lucasarts Star Wars game titled Star Wars 1313. The premise of the game is very different and is suppose to be a mature game. You are a bounty hunter to be named later for they did not reveal that. You are doing jobs on the lower levels of Coruscant. When this takes place looks to be about the time of the prequels but not too sure. Hoping to know more about the game during the E3 show.

Another game on the horizon is a new Lord of the Rings: Guardians of Middle Earth. This title has a little twist. It will be a XBLA/PSN downloadable title and will be a 5-5 fighting game. Now you will be able to see what will happen if you put Legolas vs Sauron.

On another note there is also a new Lego: The Lord of the Rings game due out this fall. Seems they are releasing Lego LOTR building sets during the summer as well. How do you do Lego sets about a film that is mostly the main cast walking??(a Clerks 2 reference) Looks like there will be many ways for you to experience Middle Earth soon enough.

Dishonored was also another game that had it's reveal trailer shown a little early from E3 and I must say when I see this I think back to when Bioshock was first revealed. It has such a sense of mystery and beauty to the trailer that I am sure if the game holds out to how it looks it will be a great game coming out and should not be overlooked. I should not expect any less from a Bethesda/Arkane Studios but no one can wonder what gamers will latch on to.

A little update on the next Gears of War game. The title for the game will be titled Gears of War:Judgment. The game will focus on both Damon Baird and Augustus Cole as they are the characters in shackles. With both characters taking center stage there also comes a new game type to the Gears franchise "Overrun" which according to what i have found it will be similar to Team Fortress or DOTA. I myself have never played DOTA but as for Team Fortress that is alot of fun. Though that means you will have specific classes. 
As for the campaign it will be based 15 years before the first Gears and will have Baird and Killo Squad standing trail for transgression against the Coalition of Governments. The Antogonist is a Colonel Loomis who is over seeing the testimonies as well as accusing Killo squad of desertion,cowardice,trespassing,theft of experimental military tech and treason. Seems like the boys got themselves into a bit of trouble.  I am sure more will be revealed come Monday at the Microsoft press conference.

The last bit of news I have for the moment is on the next Tomb Raider. Tomb Raider: Crossroads will be released on March 5th 2013. Looks like the first quarter of games is shaping up to be a very heavy list of games. Look out wallets 2013 is starting with a bang. I have seen that alot of people are not happy with things like Lara's constant moans and groans from the voice actress. I look at it this way if this is Lara pre-badass then she should be terrified with everything going on around her and would makes sense for her to be vocal. The game trailer is alot of the same footage that was used at last year's E3 but with story line plots thrown in and the reveal of there actually being Tombs to go through. I am going to hold my judgment on this one till I see more.

So what is everyone's opinion does E3 seem to be shaping up to be a big deal this year? A lot of reveals already and more to come. Also on the contest front I will be doing it come Monday's post and will last for most of E3 if you want to win some arcade titles be sure to follow and comment.