Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Guest Post by a Friend

Guest Post from a friend. Hope you guys enjoy. I will add a post later today for now here is Ed.

Ed and his clone.
Hello , my gamertag is Eddy_Thorson. This is my point of view on the world of games and all things geeky.

Let’s start off with by saying that I am a single father of a stubborn preteen boy, (my evil clone). Most importantly I am a geek and proud of it. My geeky-ness extends to the world of video games, movies, wrestling, hockey, books, and the land of comics books (especially anything batman related).

The world of video games begin with the Atari 2600 (the original system) and I haven’t turn back and don’t plan on it. 
I consider myself a novice gamer compare to my friends and my clone. Due to working the late shift I put as much time to playing video games. I learn that there not enough hours in the day for work, sleep and games. 
So beware I will be behind the learning curve when playing.

I plan on writing a weekly segment for on all the stuff I mentioned including my clone(Son) .

I hope to critique comics, movies and especially video games.
Of course writing about the misadventures with my clone. The most important area of my geeky world.

Welcome and enjoy my point of view of this crazy and ever changing, geeky world of gamers, comics, and etc.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Console Upgrade and New Releases

Hope everyone is doing well.  I am doing a project while typing this post but first I would like to start doing a quick checklist of the new game releases. I was originally thinking of doing these on Monday but it would be better to do the list on Tuesday when most retail games release.
That way if you are getting something you may be interested in something else on the list you were not aware of or forgotten.

 Game Release List for the Week of April 24th,2012 as provided by
El ChavoWIIPuzzleApr 27, 2012
Akai Katana ShinX360ActionApr 27, 2012
Max Payne MobileANDActionApr 26, 2012
Deus Ex: Human RevolutionMACActionApr 26, 2012
Chuck E. Cheese's Arcade RoomDSPuzzleApr 26, 2012
Frenzy PopIPActionApr 26, 2012
Deep Black: Episode 1X360ActionApr 25, 2012
The Walking Dead: Episode 1X360AdventureApr 25, 2012
BloodforgeX360ActionApr 25, 2012
Shifting World3DSPuzzleApr 24, 2012
The Walking Dead: Episode 1MACActionApr 24, 2012
UEFA Euro 2012


Apr 24, 2012

Prototype 2PS3ActionApr 24, 2012
UEFA Euro 2012PS3SportsApr 24, 2012
Risen 2: Dark WatersPCRole-PlayingApr 24, 2012
The Walking Dead: Episode 1PCActionApr 24, 2012
Prototype 2X360ActionApr 24, 2012
UEFA Euro 2012X360SportsApr 24, 2012

 List is subject to change of course but this is what is scheduled for this week.  I know I would love to get Prototype 2 since I do love the first one but this person is on a game freeze. I ran across too many good bargains lately which eventually add I have to pass on Mass Effect 3 which is the Gold Box Deal of the day to day. Luckily I will be getting episode 1 of Walking Dead considering I have the MP for it.

Let me know which if any on the list are you guys getting. Curious to know where you would spend your hard earn money on if any this week.

The new Hard Drive
Ok back to what I was originally doing. As I said I went a little crazy on the deals. I picked up a new Xbox 360 HD the 320gb version for under $60 off of Amazon and the transfer cable to go along with it.

Transfer Cable
My Xbox with the Intercooler.

Ok though I have a 250GB Hard Drive I could not pass up the deal and though. I also like the new version of the Nyko Intercooler.
The Intercoolers are not a huge necessity in comparison to the original model of the Xbox 360 but to me I like how there is no airborne dust or anything floating into the vents. The InterCooler actually does keep it running a lot cooler than normal so good investment in my opinion.

What do you guys think good buys and would you use the Intercooler on the Slims or keep it as is? Let me know in a comment.