Thursday, December 6, 2012

Skyrim's Dragonborn Coming To PS3 First, Other Packs Will Follow




Been a PS3 owner of Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and feel a little dejected by Bethesda and their DLC? Well have no fear they are coming.

It has already been announced that Dragonborn will release in January and for it to be the best possible for PlayStation 3 owners Bethesda has stopped working on Dawnguard and Hearthfire to make sure that happens.

"On PS3 in particular, we turned our attention to Dragonborn, as we thought it was the best content to release first, and we didn’t want folks to wait longer. Once it’s ready to go for everyone, we’ll continue our previous work on Hearthfire and Dawnguard for PS3. Each one takes a lot of time and attention to work well in all circumstances and all combinations of DLC. Once we have a better idea of release timing and pricing, we’ll let you know."

So you see there is love for you guys who own Skyrim on Sony’s console and they just expect a little more patience and everyone will be knees deep in Dragon souls and housing.

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