Thursday, November 29, 2012

Halo 4 to release Crimson Map Pack, and new game mode on Dec.10th




So earlier this week a leak as to the releases for the Halo 4 Map Packs showed a release date for the packs. Seems it was right for the first one.


The Crimson Map Pack is set to arrive on December 10th. The pack will feature 3 new maps. The maps include Wreckage, “a ravaged environment of crashed debris,”  Harvest, the planet where humanity first encountered the Covenant, and Shatter, a UNSC crystal-mining facility.

With those maps you will have access to a playlist that exclusively features them. The Crimson Map Pack will be available for 800 MSP($10) or via the War Games Map Pass($25), the Map Pass grants you access to all three planned map packs. If you were like me and purchased the limited edition then no worries because The Map Pass came with it.

The new multiplayer game mode being released on Dec. 10th is Extraction. The mode has teams “extracting” assets from different locations on the map. The teams earn a point by defending the sites while the opposing team earns points by taking the site for themselves.


So what do you think? Seems like an interesting start to the maps? Will you play Extraction?

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