Monday, October 29, 2012

Samhain and Festival time for Ashe and the family.


So as I have been prepping for our camping trip for Festival. I have not been able to post.



Now every few months the family and I drive a few hours to go to a National forest to spend 6 days with friends and celebrate the pagan holidays of Beltaine (in the spring) and Samhain (obviously the fall).

It is the only couple times a year that we get to get away from it all and at the same time be a little bit spiritual. I usually enjoy myself tremendously and always come back a little bit. It is always good to get away and get spiritually connected with things around me.



Perhaps I should explain a little as to what Samhain is. I will try my best to do this as easy as possible because well this is the first I actually try to explain things.

Samhain pronounced (Sow-en) is the pagan holiday that celebrates the end of harvest and the start of winter or the “darker half” of the year. It usually falls in between the autumn equinox and the winter solstice. Samhain is when all the Christians tend to think the world is at it’s most susceptible to “dark powers”. When in reality it is just a preparation for the long winter months.

Of course with all that explained to the best that I can and Wikipedia is the festival/holiday Samhain. Every year we take the family into the forest and commune with everyone and everything around us.

I usually get to do workshops and talk with others about just what I am looking to learn. The kids enjoy playing in the woods and seeing the campfires. I have only been to one Samhain festival because the other times both little ones were either too little or we were not ready to have either of them out there yet.


Prep work is always a week or two of “last minute planning”. Getting things together and what have you. Usually does not leave me time to do much else. So hence why I could not cover all the great news that came out last week. I will be gone until Sunday Evening but I will make sure that from that Monday I will play catch up with everything.

I hope everyone enjoys their Halloween and great gaming for the week.

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