Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Wet My Band! YEAH!

Ok. So I've said a couple of things here. I've ranted about Nintendo and then ate my foot. I've told you about myself and what I wanna do. I've given you a review of a game and, hey, I thought that was pretty good.

But now...now...you get to be subject to my shameless plugging!!!! You see, I am in a band. A very small time band. I play bass and do backing vocals for it. We're called The Desert Red and if you haven't heard of us I'm not surprised. Click the link and give us a like on Facebook. So we have a show coming up this month for a Battle of the Bands. We're playing at the Alrosa Villa. Yes....the Alrosa Villa. The same stage where Darrell Abbott was shot and killed in December 2004. We're playing there. And we're going to ROCK. Just sayin.

OK. Now that that's over with I'm going to get on with what I've been playing.

 In my previous post I was talking about tackling my gaming backlog. Well...I've started it. The first game I took care of was Wet. I managed to get this game for free way back when in a contest. Anyway, I played it a long time ago when I got it from GameFly, but never really put much thought into it. Anyway...This game surprised me a bit. I had a lot of fun with it. It's short...very short. I mean it's so short you can probably finish it in a couple of sittings. That's not to say it's a bad thing, well, unless you paid $60 for it. Then it would be a bad thing. But I got it for free and I'm going to talk about it as such. The whole game is very stylized and that's the whole charm or point behind it. I couldn't help but draw similarities between a Quinten Tarentino flick and this game while I was playing it. I would say that if he made a game, this would be it. Not a whole lot of plot going on here. Just a girl with guns (which you never have to reload -thumbs up-) and a sword (which seems to never dull -thumbs up-). Yeah...Hot chick? Check. Guns? Check. Sword? Check. Not much else it needed here to have a fun romp. If you can pick this one up for like 5 bucks then you'll be OK. Not a bad game to spend your time on.

http://heyitsthatdog.files.wordpress.com/2011/10/forza-4-cover.jpgNow I've started playing Forza 4. I managed to get that from a buddy of mine when he stayed with my family. He needed a place to stay so we let him and so he let me borrow Forza. I don't know what it is about this racing game. I can just spend hours on it and not know. I'm not a car buff and I never will be, but this game just plays great. Love the Forza series.

I'm done now, I have to get to work being as I'm already here. Talk to you later, folks!


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