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Transformers: Fall of Cybertron Campaign Review



Ok this is going to be my first review on the campaign for Transformers:Fall of Cybertron. I am thinking I will do it now since I completed the campaign on Normal Difficulty.




Transformers-Fall-Of-Cybertron (1)Story- The Campaign for Transformers: Fall of Cybertron is interesting in the way it is played out. The start of the game has you playing as Bumblebee trying to defend the Ark from the Decepticons and trying to reach Optimus Prime. After that it goes back 8 days prior to the launch of the Ark and what the Autobots had to go through before taking off their beloved planet of Cybertron.

The story is much better fleshed out in this sequel then in the first game Transformers: War for Cybertron. The story is fluid and does not make you feel as if you are just doing “sections” in a game and feels more immersive. I do appreciate that for each chapter you are going through the eyes of whatever Autobot or Decepticon that it pertains to instead of having 3 choices. That to me keeps you more involved with the story.

The story takes a lot of liberties in certain origins for well loved characters. All in all this could make or break this for people who follow Transformers lore. In particular the Dinobots and their creation story is completely changed as to what it was in the original Marvel comics and even the G1 tv series. No spoilers here but let’s say I did appreciate what they did in telling that section of the game. transformers-fall-of-cybertron-shockwave-and-grimlock

It has been one of my favorite stories to go through in a game in quite a bit. I do love that with my son’s fanatical obsession with all things Transformers right now he can sit through and watch me blast robots and just get more immersed in what is going on.Trust me he pays attention to that stuff. 

transformers-fall-of-cybertron-metroplex-5As for Metroplex and the Dinobots. I loved playing as my favorite Dinobot Grimlock on the other hand I felt we never really got to experience Metroplex as we did let’s say Bruticus. I wanted to become the Autobot city at least one level should have been made for you as Metroplex.

One last thing I loved the nods to both the original tv show and the movie. Many quotes were used and you have to be a die-hard fan to catch them all. Well Done High Moon!

Overall the story is great and I look forward to seeing where High Moon Studios takes this franchise next. Story gets a 5 out of 5.



e3-2012-transformers-fall-of-cybertron-screenshotsGameplay- Gameplay is also smoother to me than it was in the prior game. I didn’t feel as if I was getting flustered going through weapons and accidently transforming. I did that a lot in the first game. I appreciate the Teletran I store as a way to upgrade and swap out your weapons and items. Much more well organized in it’s structure.

One thing was the ammo I felt as if I was never in any real jeopardy with things due to their being enough weapons laying around and ammo, Don’t get me  wrong you still need to watch yourself because there is a chance to run out of ammo and then have to fight your way to a ammo dump or a new weapon.

I have not ran into anything that was glitchy or something that just took me out of the game. There are times when I got a little overzealous and tried blazing through an area only to end up with the restart screen. This is definitely not a game to do that with. Be concise in your decision or you will die a lot.

transformers-fall-of-cybertron-bruticusThere was a few boss fights that are just plain clever then there are others that are infuriating. One keep area is the return of Megatron to confront StarScream. In this section Starscream sends Decepticons to attack Megatron, you playing as him should think if Megatron is the most powerful of the Decepticons then your cannon should lay waste to these no-names boy would you be wrong. I must have replayed this scenario a few times before finally downing everyone to get at Starscream. This overwhelmed feeling happens a few times where you feel there’s no end to the masses of enemies.

Nonetheless the boss fights never want to pull you out and just lay down your controller and “give up”. Challenge to the point and you feel relieved when you get through the boss.

In comparison to the first game I appreciate the challenge in this game and did not get as frustrated as I did with War for Cybertron. Gameplay gets a 4 out of 5.

transformers-fall-of-cybertron (2)


transformers-fall-of-cybertron-pic-03Graphics- Ok Transformers:Fall of Cybertron is a very beautiful look considering everything is metal and there is no “natural” elements. Though that did not stop the studio from making a very colorful and great take on Cybertron.

I never once felt as if I was in the same type of area and looking at a pale rendition with bland colors. The world feels vibrant and definitely an improvement over the first game. The first game had me running past certain items I may need and don’t even get me start on looking for the collectibles, This game was visually more appealing in comparison.

transformers_fall_of_cybertron_image3My only complaint and it is not a major one is the character models. Let me rephrase this Optimus Prime. I loved the character models for everyone in game except Optimus and I would have to say Megatron as well.

Now I know the studio is trying to combine all the elements that there are and make their own style but watching Optimus in robot form made me think he was a very short bulky action figure, The same can be said for Megatron. Everyone else on the other hand I loved especially the Dinobots. That aside I would give the graphics a 4.5 out of 5


vga-2011-transformers-fall-of-cybertron-trailer_bz1wrOverall the game is amazing and just plain fun. It also makes me think back to being a kid playing with my toys and just enjoying the Transformers for what they were, Giant robots smashing each other up.  This is definitely a must buy for not only the fan but for those gamers who just want to enjoy themselves. While not perfect it is definitely a great game.  My overall score is a 4.5 out of 5

As for the Multiplayer I have not tried online yet just created my online persona. I am sure I will get to it soon. This is just my review on the Campaign portion of the game.

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