Thursday, August 9, 2012

My Love For The Big G Is Now My Son’s Love For Big G!


When I was almost 5 Years old I fell in love with Monster movies. Specifically Godzilla and Giant Monster movies. I love Godzilla I remember spending many an afternoon weekend watching the monster movie show and back in the day on Thanksgiving they would give a marathon and I was always glued just watching all the Godzilla films I can possibly absorb.chibi_godzilla_by_madara_13-d36rt0c

JONGodzillaMIBA_lgMy mother for that Christmas searched all over for the Shogun Warriors Godzilla toy that was the hot ticket item that year. After searching all over Northern Jersey, She located one at a store and had it set up for my Christmas that year.

I have kept that toy with me throughout every aspect of my life. I promised myself that I would if I ever had a son would get him to love Godzilla.



revengeSeems like that day has come. Vel has been stating that lil R has been looking at my old Vhs tapes and asking to watch the big dinosaur. Well I decided to have him Watch Godzilla’s Revenge.

Some people think that as one of the worst of the Godzilla films. I personally like it for so many reasons. One it has a kid becoming best friends with Minya, Godzilla’s son. Throughout the film the kid is taught how to stand up to bullies through certain experiences him and Minya share. Which is the perfect film to get the little man to watch.  Plus as a kid watching Godzilla who did not want to have Godzilla and Minya as a friend.godzillas_revenge_001

He is now hooked and wants to watch more of them. I have to be choosy because most of the ones I have are subtitled in Japanese so those will have to wait.



None the less I am happy to say with him liking not only Transformers and Marvel characters he is now a G-Fan.

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