Monday, July 16, 2012

San Diego Comic Con gaming news.

Originally I was going to do a frequent update on things that went on at Comic-Con as it happened, sort of the style of my E3 report. I realized it would be better to lump a good portion of the gaming news together after the con.

Deadpool game coming from High Moon Studios

At San Diego the most outspoken Merc with a mouth Deadpool and Marvel were in collaboration with High Moon Studios for Deadpool's first video game. This is some big news and the fact that High Moon Studios is doing it is awesome. The game is set to release in 2013 and High moon has released a trailer that fits the title character. The company has definitely caught the merc with a mouth's character. This should be a great game. I am adding the trailer at the end post.

Halo 4 gets a 320 gb Console Bundle

Halo 4 is off to a major Microsoft push. This weekend it was confirmed that the news of an all Halo console. As in typical fashion Microsoft is going for the gusto in releasing this console. I must say that the Halo Consoles though I personally do not own any of them are some of the most beautiful of the bunch. The bundle includes a copy of the standard edition of Halo 4 and a 320GB system. The system itself has an exclusive Halo design in addition to custom sounds when it’s turned on or when a disc is ejected. The bundle also includes two custom Halo 4 wireless controllers with Halo designs and blue LED lights as well as a black Xbox 360 headset. Players will also receive exclusive Halo 4 downloadable content including a unique armor skin, a unique weapon skin, a unique emblem, matching avatar armor and a unique avatar prop.  It is available for pre-order right now.

Battlefield 4 confirmed with beta on Medal of Honor:Warfighter

The title says it all. Battlefield 4 is confirmed with a beta to be included with Medal of Honor. Does this surprise me? No seems like every shooter needs the one year life expectancy. This bothers me very much. For one Battlefield 3 is not even a year old and you are already looking at replacing it. I understand making something for the fans to enjoy but give the games some shelf life. Granted this does not mean Battlefield is coming anytime soon but at the same time it means short life span. Which is something EA games is use to doing with their shooters.

Gears of War :Judgment gets released date

Now we have an official release date for the latest installment of the Gears franchise. I was watching G4 when Rod Fergusson announced that it will be March 2013. He teased to everyone that they had to check on the panel they were having. As promised the released was announced at the panel and the date will be March 19,2013. Gears of War Judgment stars Daimon Baird in a prequel to the successful franchise. The first Gears game Developed by Epic Games in conjunction with Bulletstorm's studio People Can Fly.

Godzilla is Coming!! 

Godzilla is coming.
Legendary Pictures chief Thomas Tull made the announcement Saturday at Comic-Con without saying a word. He just rolled the never-before-seen footage and the crowd of more than 6,000 erupted.
The brief clip showed crumbling buildings, a flattened train and human bodies flattened like bugs, then a glimpse at the massive, multi-limbed monster. The clip closed with Godzilla's threatening roar.

Ok so this one is not gaming related but I love Godzilla films since I was 4 years old. Now with my 4 yr. old I am getting to love them from the experience my son gets. I have all the films even the "bad ones." Though to me no actual Godzilla film is bad but none the less to see another american film company working on TOHO's most beloved monster is awesome. 

Well that is all I have for the moment and I hope you guys are having a great start to your week. So as promised I am adding the Deadpool game trailer for your enjoyment.

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  1. Deadpool...meh
    Halo console...meh -1
    Gears of War Judgement...meh +1
    Battlefield 4 beta with MoH: Warfighter...meh
    Godzilla...IDK least that's how I see it.